Laser Services Inc., a precision laser job shop located in Westford, MA, attended the 2013 BioMed Exposition and Conference in Boston, MA April 10th and 11th to talk about their laser cutting, drilling, marking, and welding expertise.

Achieving consistency and repeatability with traditional methods of die cutting, hand cutting, or water jet cutting can be challenging. These methods often damage and waste material, and things like frozen epoxies and adhesive materials require special handling throughout the entire manufacturing process. These high-maintenance materials also have a limited shelf-life, which means stock must be closely monitored to be sure it is used up before expiration. Enter the laser.

Lasers offer distinct advantages over machine cutting of substrates and adhesives for the medical industry. Laser Services offers vast experience sourcing, handling, storing, and cutting delicate materials and has addressed the challenges of managing these materials along every step of the manufacturing process, including temperature controlled storage and just-in-time delivery. Laser Services’ precision laser cutting systems are fast, allow for tight tolerances, cut waste, and minimize handling. Laser Services also provides welding and etching services to handle the full range of medical industry laser requirements.

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