Irvine, CA and Columbia, MD (USA) 7 layers, Inc. a member of the global 7 layers group, selects Rohde & Schwarz, a leading supplier of test and measurement solutions to launch a WiMAX™ Radio Conformance test lab in Irvine, California. With the deployment of commercial WiMAX services based on IEEE 802.16e planned for 2008, the demand for WiMAX test services is greater than ever. 7 layers has been at the forefront of developing and creating test services for the wireless communications industry since the late 1990s. Already recognized as a leader in certification testing, especially for devices utilizing GSM technology, 7 layers will be adding WiMAX to its already impressive portfolio of services. “Extending our services with WiMAX Radio Conformance Testing on the Rohde & Schwarz TS8970 is a logical extension of our service portfolio in order to help our customers meet their time-to-market schedules”, comments Wilfried Klassmann, President and CEO of 7 layers, Inc. “Commercially available conformance test solutions have the benefit that tests can be easily replicated and are independent of actual network performance or performance of reference products and designs. This way, manufacturers can be much more certain about the real capability of their products than if they were using interoperability testing only.” “We have known 7 layers as an expert partner for wireless communications testing for many years, and we are certain that the test and support services they can offer their clients will help manufacturers to market their new WiMAX products efficiently”, says Jack Cowper, Vice President, North American Sales & Marketing of Rohde & Schwarz. “Due to a WiMAX Forum policy, customers should be aware that in addition to the radio conformance test services 7 layers offers, final certification tests must be conducted at a WiMAX Forum Designated Certification Lab (WFDCL).” There is currently only one WFDCL selected in the USA. Offering test services via 7 layers will help the WiMAX ecosystem decrease the risk of bottlenecks by assisting manufacturers in preparing their products for official certification testing. The net result is a reduction of the time it takes for official conformance testing, thereby speeding the way to certification and commercial product launch.