TNO Information and Communication Technology has joined forces with the Telematica Instituut and five municipal authorities in the Netherlands to form the D!mpact partnership, which will focus on delivering a total solution for digital local-authority services. The municipalities are Zwolle, Hellendoorn, Heusden, Oldenzaal and Enschede, which is the location of the main pilot study. The total solution will include the necessary software, the implementation of transaction modules and the related service provision.

D!mpact derives from the ambition of the Dutch government modernization program — Andere Overheid — to provide no less than 65 percent of all public services over the Internet by 2007. In addition, the program aims to make government processes more transparent, reduce administrative burdens and speed up procedures. Municipal authorities will be the ‘gateway’ to services for individuals, companies and visitors. Co-operation between several parties is necessary in order to streamline and co-ordinate all these developments.

To be in line with the 65 percent target the partnership is currently working on 34 complete transactions, which must be implemented in the five partner municipalities by January 1, 2007. Thus, D!mpact aims to become an incubator for innovations in all aspects of public-sector services. Clearly defined roles within the partnership mean that TNO Information and Communication Technology will ensure that all the results and outcomes are future-proof, and the Telematica Instituut will supervise the development process.