LOWELL, Mass., Feb. 6, 2007 - M/A-COM, a business unit of Tyco Electronics and a leading provider of wireless radio frequency (RF), microwave and millimeter wave components and systems, today announced the addition of two new RoHS-compliant, high power amplifiers to its line of high performance HBT linear amplifiers. M/A-COM's MAAPSS0103 and MAAPSS0104 are designed for 802.16d WiMax customer premise equipment (CPE) applications that require high gain, high efficiency, and high linearity for orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) signals. "These exciting additions to our extensive line of high power amplifiers and switches have been specifically designed for WiMAX CPE solutions," said Kevin Harrington, product manager, M/A-COM. "M/A-COM's development team includes a number of distinguished engineers and they have done a tremendous job creating and building a number of RoHS-compliant HBT amplifiers that directly address our customers' needs for products that enable them to design and deploy 802.16d CPE systems." The MAAPSS0103 is designed to have a linear gain of 34 dB, operate over the 2.3 GHz - 2.7 GHz frequency range, and achieve 26 dBm linear output power with EVM <2.5% at 5 V. The MAAPSS0104 is designed to have a linear gain of 32 dB, operate over the 3.3 GHz - 3.8 GHz frequency range, and achieve 26 dBm linear output power with EVM <2.5% at 5V. Both amplifiers are optimized to achieve high power added efficiency (PAE) while maintaining high linear output power (OFDM, QAM-64, 54Mbps) with an EVM <2.5% at 26 dBm. Both products are designed to generate 26 dBm of linear output power (OFDM, QAM-64, 54Mbps), while drawing 600 mA of current and maintaining an EVM of <2.5% at 5V operation. The small signal operating current is only 250 mA, which is required to maintain high efficiency for thermal and power sensitive systems. M/A-COM's MAAPSS0103 and MAAPSS0104 are three-stage power amplifiers designed specifically for linear 802.16d applications and are available in a RoHS-compliant 4mm 16-lead PQFN plastic package. The amplifiers feature an integrated detector for accurate power control and a separate power mode pin for current savings in a shutdown mode state.