CST MWS 2006B offers enhanced performance and robustness particularly in the Time Domain solver, thanks to the new Fast PBA mesher and the new flexible subgridding scheme with drastically reduced memory requirements. Alongside increased mesher and solver performance, users of the Frequency Domain solver now benefit from numerous new features and improvements such as the facility to excite structures by plane waves and slanted ports. Coupled simulation between CST MWS' Frequency Domain TET solver and CST EM STUDIO™’s magneto-static solver has been implemented in order to simulate realistic biasing of ferrites. The interoperability between the high frequency solvers and the thermal solver has been further improved. The transient and frequency domain solvers are now available to run on Linux operating systems. Key New Features: Modeler: “Hover Selection”, improved interactive selection facilities, faster drawing mechanisms, New robust Fast PBA mesher New flexible subgridding scheme Slanted ports and plane waves in Frequency Domain solver Hardware acceleration for Time Domain solver Linux version of Time and Frequency Domain solvers New Integral Equation solver (MLFMM) Improved data exchange with Low Frequency solvers Interface with AWR Microwave Office® circuit simulation Interface with Mician µWave Wizard mode matching code