Silver Waveguide Tube

Coin silver waveguide tube has been added to the company’s growing list of “in stock” items. The company stocks all ridged aluminum, copper, bronze, invar and stainless steel waveguide tube along with the newly added WR3 to WR75 coin silver. It stocks aluminum flange in sizes WR22 to WR137 and aluminum double-ridged waveguide tube in all popular sizes. The company also supplies WR28 to WR284 bronze and aluminum cast bends. It offers “same day” shipping for all items in stock.

A-Alpha Waveguide Co.,
El Segundo, CA (310) 322-3487,

Filter and Duplexers

These passband filter and duplexers are available in three different frequency ranges that include 2150, 2600 and 3500 MHz for WiMAX technology applications. Main features for the 2150 MHz frequency range include a center frequency tunability of 2067.5 to 2242.5 MHz, frequency shift of 175 MHz and 20 dB return loss bandwidth of 84 MHz. Insertion loss in the bandwidth Fo±42 MHz is 1.5 dB maximum.

ABF Elettronica s.r.l.
Arcore (Mi), Italy +39 039 613561,

Dielectric Chip Capacitors

These single layer air or vacuum chip capacitors offer high working voltage and ultra-low intrinsic ESR. Capacitors with air or vacuum as a dielectric have no practical limitation to their use in the upper GHz spectrum (10 to 200 GHz) with respect to RF losses. Furthermore, the dielectric constant ?o is not subject to change as frequency increases into the upper GHz area. These high performance chip capacitors provide an optimum and reliable workhorse for most demanding mm-wave application (US Patent No.: 76,755,124B2).

ADC Tech International Ltd.,
Wanchai, Hong Kong 852-2527-4565,

Miniature Pulse Modulator

The SPST0XXXH series is a miniature pulse modulator that features a unique design and offers input/output in a 50 ? system under any condition (switch off or on) resulting in a sharp and clear rise/fall time. Features include: no need for isolator at input/output, fast response time of 4.0 nsec, low insertion loss of 3 dB is typical, high isolation of 80 dB and three frequency ranges are available including 2 to 6, 6 to 18 and 2 to 18 GHz. Applications include on and off switch, and it is ideal for radar transmitter (emitter) with a high data rate transmission of up to 60 MBS.

Advanced Microwave Inc.,
Sunnyvale, CA (408) 739-4214,

Bipolar Transistor

The model MDS500L is a Vcc = 50 V, class C bipolar transistor specifically designed to handle the heavy pulsing of the Mode-S ELM format (32 µS on/18 µS off × 48 pulses burst). The transistor provides greater than 500 W of output power with an input power of 70 W. The hermetically sealed package and gold metal die with integral emitter ballasting provide optimal reliability. This device is robust enough to operate at full power into a 3:1 VSWR with no damage.

Advanced Power Technology RF,
Santa Clara, CA (408) 986-8031,

Broadband Power Amplifier

The model SSPA 0.5-2.5-10 is a high power, broadband, silicon carbide (SiC) RF amplifier that operates from 0.5 to 2.5 GHz. This power amplifier is ideal for broadband military platforms as well as commercial applications because it is robust and offers high power over a multi-octave bandwidth. This amplifier operates with a base plate temperature of 85°C with no degradation in the MTBF for the SiC devices inside. This amplifier offers a typical P1dB of 15 W at room temperature. Size: 6" × 8" × 2".

Aethercomm Inc., San Marcos,
CA (760) 598-4340,

Four-port Network Analyzer

The N5230A four-port PNA-L network analyzer combined with the new 20 GHz four-port test set (product Z5623A, opt k44) provides an 8×8 matrix of measurements and eight-port error correction to fully characterize eight-port devices, including isolation characteristics between ports. The PNA-L N5230A’s scalar mixer calibration function provides accurate, match-corrected conversion loss measurements of mixers and converters. The Equation Editor allows PNA series network analyzers to automatically calculate and show application-specific parameters such as the K-factor of amplifiers from S-parameter measurement data.

Agilent Technologies Inc., Component Test Division,
Santa Rosa, CA (800) 829-4444,

Design and Verification Software

EMDS is a 3D electromagnetic (EM) design and verification product. Based on the Finite Element Method (FEM), EMDS delivers the full-wave electromagnetic modeling capability needed for characterizing 3D design geometries. The company also announces access to Eagleware’s powerful RF architecture and industry-standard circuit synthesis tools from within the Advanced Design System in Release 2006A. These announcements provide more design insight and intelligence allowing RF and microwave designers to start closer to the finish line.

Agilent Technologies Inc., EEsof Division,
Santa Rosa, CA (800) 829-4444,

Built-in Measuring Receiver

The PSA built-in measuring receiver (Option 233) converts the general-purpose, PSA series high performance spectrum analyzer into the flexible and compact N5531S measuring receiver system. The N5531S consists of a PSA including an optional audio input, a P-Series power meter and a sensor module with single-input connection up to 50 GHz. It sets a new standard for signal generator and attenuator calibration to meet the most stringent metrology/calibration requirements.

Agilent Technologies Inc., Signal Analysis Division,
Santa Rosa, CA (800) 829-4444,

Wireless Connectivity Test Set

Bluetooth® wireless technology was initially designed to support a peak data rate of 1 Mbps; however, the specification evolved to provide 2 to 3 Mbps peak data rates with the introduction of enhanced data rate (EDR). The N4010A wireless connectivity test set (with option 107) supports Bluetooth EDR test mode, ensuring devices adhere to the Bluetooth 2.0 standard by enabling loopback testing of EDR transmitters and receivers. With six of eight EDR test cases built-in, the N4010A provides fast, accurate EDR testing.

Agilent Technologies Inc., Wireless Division,
Spokane, WA (800) 829-4444,

Microwave Components

These microwave components include waveguides and tubes that confine and guide propagating electromagnetic waves, normally consisting of hollow metallic conductors, usually rectangular, elliptical or circular in cross section and sometimes containing solid or gaseous dielectric materials. Other microwave components include electroforming services on WG transitions, transducers, filters, polarizers, horns, antenna feeds and flight qualified hardware for satellite applications.

A.J. Tuck Co.,
Brookfield, CT (203) 775-1234,

Digital Attenuator

The model ADVAN-218-15DD with options HS25NS and 5B is a digitally variable attenuator. This attenuator operates over the frequency range of 2 to 18 GHz with a switching speed of 25 ns, an insertion loss of 6 dB and a dynamic range of 15 dB minimum. This attenuator utilizes a 5-bit binary control. Size: 1.90" × 2" × 0.45".

American Microwave Corp.,
Frederick, MD (301) 662-4700,

Microelectronic Packages

These high precision glass-to-metal seal (GTMS) and ceramic-to-metal seal (CTMS) products are designed for mission-critical electronics used in the aerospace, defense, industrial, telecommunications and petrochemical markets. The microelectronic packages range from standard outlines (transistor outlines, dual in-line, plug-ins and flatpacks) to sophisticated and complex metal composite packages. HCC offers an expertise in critical machined features for substrate placement and offers a variety of high frequency RF and low frequency DC feedthrus.

AMETEK HCC Industries,
New Bedford, MA (508) 998-3141,

Metal Matrix Composites

This copper clad molybdenum-copper strip is a high performance metal matrix composite that offers high thermal conductivity. It offers an adjustable coefficient of thermal expansion from 6 to 10 ppm/°K or beyond and is available in a variety of ratios (1:3, 1:4, 1:5) and custom profiles as well as a range of Mo-Cu compositions (70/30, 80/20, 85/15).

AMETEK Specialty Metal Products,
Wallingford, CT (203) 949-8809,

Millimeter-wave Power Amplifiers

These millimeter-wave power amplifiers are based on radial combiner technology and can be configured as power modules or mounted in racks with integral power supply and heat management components. The product line operates in a frequency range of 12 to 40 GHz. Model C2630-45 operates in the 26 to 30 GHz spectrum with 30 W saturated output power. Gain is 45 dB and DC power is +12 V at 30 amps. Standard features include over temperature shut down and TTL output enable. A fast pulse (< 20 nsec RF rise/fall time) function is optionally available.

Microwave Power Inc.,
Santa Clara, CA (408) 727-6666,

Cryogenic Amplifiers

These cryogenic amplifiers operate at temperatures well below those of liquid nitrogen (77K,-196°C), resulting in the absolute lowest noise figures achievable (as low as 0.1 dB). Frequency of operation is 0.1 to 18 GHz, but can be optimized for an exact frequency of operation. These amplifiers are unconditionally stable and efficient providing both high reliability and the lowest possible energy consumption (3.0 VDC). This amplifier is ideal for R&D projects, space applications, medical applications, telephonics, telemetry and other receivers.

AmpliTech Inc.,
Hauppauge, NY (631) 435-0603,

Modulation Measurements Option

This WCDMA/HSDPA modulation quality measurements option is designed for its MS2781A Signature™ high performance signal analyzer. When the option is combined with Signature’s signal analysis capability, the result is a comprehensive suite of measurements for developers of WCDMA/HSDPA base stations and related subsystems (for example, power amplifiers) at both the development and production stages. Signature is part of the company’s portfolio of test solutions for digital mobile communications.

Anritsu Co.,
Morgan Hill, CA (800) 267-4878,

Simulation Software

This electromagnetic and circuit simulation software is designed for high performance RF and microwave design. By leveraging electromagnetics across component, circuit and system design, the company is able to achieve best-in-class design, from complex antenna systems, RF circuits (for example, LNAs, PAs, mixers and VCOs) and integrated systems (for example, transceivers, LTCC, SiP and MCM front-ends). Achieve 10× improvements in design complexity and design time using HFSS™ and Nexxim® dynamically linked with Ansoft Designer.®

Ansoft Corp.,
Pittsburgh, PA (412) 261-3200,

Processing Board

This wideband (2.2 GSPS) data acquisition and real-time processing board features the ATMEL 2.2 GSPS 10-bit A/D chipset, an Altera Stratix II FPGA, 512 MB of SO-DIMM memory, two 600 MSPS D/A chips, a USB 2.0 interface, a PCI interface and two SCSI connectors for real-time LVDS data output. The board is suitable for a number of diverse applications including wideband digital transceiver for radar or sonar, digital RF memory (DRFM), information gathering and instrumentation.

Applied Radar Inc.,
North Kingstown, RI (401) 295-0062,

High Frequency EDA Software

Microwave Office“ 2006 design suite has been radically enhanced to provide a powerful and flexible RF/microwave design environment. The software offers ease-of-use, powerful technologies, and openness and interoperability that enables integration with best-in-class tools for each part of the design process. Microwave Office 2006 design suite now includes the APLAC world class, foundry-approved circuit simulation engine, along with the company’s own robust simulators, in the AWR open design environment, delivering key productivity improvements for RF/microwave design.

Applied Wave Research Inc.,
El Segundo, CA (310) 726-3000,

Solid-state Power Amplifier

The model KMS1070 is a 3.4 to 3.7 GHz solid-state power amplifier module designed for wireless broadband networks. This 20 W, 43 dBm output linear power amplifier offers a scaleable gain of 20 to 50 dB and is designed to meet the WiMAX 802.16d specifications. It can be modified to meet various types of OFDM or NPR requirements. This model was custom designed and built for the emerging wireless access market. The KMS1070 was created in 45 days to meet a client’s selected frequency band and a demanding linearity specification.

AR Worldwide Modular RF,
Bothell, WA (425) 485-9000,

Broadband Amplifiers

The model 15S5G7 and model 30S5G7 are 15 and 30 W amplifiers respectively designed for the 5 to 7 GHz frequency range. These broadband amplifiers are well suited for testing WiMAX components because the amplified signal they produce is virtually indistinguishable from the signal generator’s output. In fact, their performance enables them to be used as substitute transmitters. Since the linearity of the amplified signal is as strong as the signal generator there is no interference with adjacent channels. In addition, the units’ high peak-to-average power ratio means they deliver more useable power.

AR Worldwide RF/Microwave Instrumentation,
Souderton, PA (215) 723-8181,

EMI Absorbers

These Wave~X® absorbers suppress noise at the source, often eliminating the need for complex shielding solutions. Thin, flexible WAVE~X is offered in an array of materials, sizes, features and formulations. WAVE~X enhances RFID performance and absorbs radiated emissions. These absorbers operate in a frequency range from 10 MHz to 40 GHz and offer good near-field attenuation and mode suppression. The WAVE~X has an easy attachment that allows a user to just peel and stick and can be cut to any size and shape. Size: 0.06 to 1 mm.

ARC Technologies Inc.,
Amesbury, MA (978) 388-2993,

Ceramic Laminate

The AD1000 laminate is a woven glass reinforced PTFE/micro dispersed ceramic with ? =10.2. AD1000 offers a good insertion loss and loss tangent of 0.0023 at 10 GHz and low moisture absorption of 0.02 percent, which is critical in maintaining low loss after processing. PTFE-base with woven glass reinforcement offers good dimensional stability and overcomes brittleness issues with ceramics. Low CTE values and high thermal conductivity are available (0.81 W/m-K) for high power microwave applications.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA (909) 987-9533,

Single-chip GPS Receiver

The model ATR0635 is a single-chip designed for weak signal tracking GPS technology. This model integrates a complete ANTARIS™ 4 GPS receiver including ROM-based SuperSense™ software. The small size plus the low power consumption of 62 mW in continuous power mode make the ATR0635 a good fit for handheld and mobile applications (mobile phones, PDAs, smartphones, after-market navigational and recreational consumer products). The ATR0635 supports WAAS, EGNOS and A-GPS, and provides different low power modes to reduce the power consumption down to 5 microAmpere. Size: 7 × 10 mm.

Atmel, Heilbronn,
Germany +49 7131 67-2081,

New Edition of PA Design Book

Several “just published” books for microwave engineers are now available. The second edition of Steve Cripps’ RF Power Amplifiers for Wireless Communications is sure to attract the attention of all microwave engineers, from freshly minted to seasoned veteran. Addressing topics ranging from basic PA design to advanced linearization techniques, the book includes a CD-ROM packed with timesaving tools for PA performance analysis.

Artech House,
Norwood, MA (800) 225-9977,

High Power GaN HEMT

The model EGN010MK is a GaN HEMT device that is in a format compatible with ADS and MWO. Eudyna’s GaN HEMT offers high efficiency, high gain, ease of matching, greater consistency and broad bandwidth for high power L-band amplifiers with 50 V operation. These devices target applications that are low current and wideband applications for high voltage. This model features a high voltage operation of VDS=50 V, high power of 41 dBm is typical at P3dB and high efficiency of 60 percent is typical at P3dB.

Auriga Measurement Systems,
Lowell, MA (978) 441-1117,

Custom Test Systems

These application specific test systems are developed from user description without a nonrecurring engineering charge and are available in bands from DC to 18 GHz. Available packaging are 19” rack or bench mount and includes detailing of connector placement, port labeling and private labeling. Control options include GPIB, RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, Ethernet or local control options such as 10 digit keypad with text display, toggle switches, rotary switches or touch screen pad with display. Systems may include virtually any electronic component.

BroadWave Technologies Inc.,
Franklin, IN (317) 346-6101,

Oven-controlled Crystal Oscillator

The OXLN series is an oven-controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO) designed for applications where ultra-low phase noise and high stability are required. This series offers frequency from 10 to 120 MHz and features SSB phase noise as low as –130 dBc/Hz at 100 Hz offset and –170 dBc/Hz at 100 kHz offset, stability versus temperature ±0.05 ppm typical. Size: 38 × 38 mm.

Bowei Integrated Circuits Co. Ltd.,
Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China +86-311-87091891,

RF Design Kit

The Cadence® RF Design Methodology Kit helps shorten product development cycle time by increasing silicon predictability and enabling greater RF design productivity. It demonstrates advanced methodologies for intelligently managing RLCK parasitics, inductance synthesis and modeling, and linking system-level design with IC design. The kit also comprises methodologies that enable designers to accurately, yet rapidly verify complete designs that include system-level digital, analog baseband and RF circuitry.

Cadence Design Systems Inc.,
San Jose, CA (408) 943-1234,

High Power SPDT Switch

NEC’s model UPG2157T5F is a SPDT GaAs RFIC switch that features high power handling, low insertion loss, plus internal termination of unused ports across all popular WiMAX bands. This switch is ideal for T/R and diversity switching. This model operates in a frequency range from 0.5 to 6 GHz. The UPG2157T5F features input-to output isolation of 25 dB at 3.5 GHz and 22 dB at 5.8 GHz and unused port return loss of 12 dB at 2.3 to 5.8 GHz.

California Eastern Laboratories,
Santa Clara, CA (408) 919-2500,

Rack-mount Power Amplifier

The model XS4498R is a rack-mount power amplifier that provides 50 dB of gain and 150 W of RF power over the entire X-band frequency range of 8 to 12.4 GHz. Suitable for use as a high power signal booster for EMI/EMC testing, or as a high power amplifier for EW or lab applications, the unit incorporates a universal power supply that operates from 80 to 240 VAC, 47 to 63 Hz, or is alternately available with a DC supply option. The unit is self-contained, includes integral forced air-cooling capability and features over-temperature self-protection. This product is in development for use by the US Government and associated subcontractors only.

CAP Wireless,
Newbury Park, CA (805) 499-1818,

Measurement Platform

The M150 measurement platform delivers precision microwave measurement capability in a highly affordable and flexible platform. It supports 2 and 4 port RF measurements, load-pull and noise parameter test as well as DC and failure analysis applications. Highly affordable value packages include everything needed to start RF probing — prober, microscope, cables, RF probes, impedance standards, and WinCal 2006 VNA calibration software with its new advanced VNA automatic cal algorithms and monitoring-validation tools for enhanced accuracy.

Cascade Microtech Inc.,
Beaverton, OR (503) 601-1000,

7G and 13G Clock Synthesizers

Models TG1C1-A and TG1C7-A clock synthesizers are cost-effective wideband signal generators with high-UI jitter injection capability. These synthesizers are ideally suited for manufacturing testing, device characterization, and research and development lab applications. Each synthesizer features two pairs of differential outputs, one jittered, one unjittered, and four other pairs of jittered and unjittered single-ended outputs. The synthesizers can be controlled from the front-panel or through GPIB. The TG1C7-A operates from 150 MHz to 7 GHz and the TG1C1-A operates from 150 MHz to 13.5 GHz.

Centellax Inc.,
Santa Rosa, CA (707) 568-5900,

RF Switching Unit

This RF switching unit expands a test set for multi-port operation while continually monitoring and maintaining calibration integrity. Correct for errors caused by cable movement, temperature change or switching without disconnecting the DUT. The broadband unit (400 MHz, 31 GHz) can operate in thermal or TVAC chambers — as close to the DUT as needed. Standard switch matrix configurations are available in 1 × 6, 1 × 18 and 2 × 36 and can be combined according to a connectivity requirement. Custom configurations can also be developed.

CodeOne™ Test Solutions Group, COM DEV Ltd.,
Cambridge, Ontario, Canada (519) 622-2300,

High Frequency Connectors

These four series of high frequency microwave and mm-wave connectors extend the frequency range of the product line up to 50 GHz. These series include extended-frequency SMA to 26.5 GHz; ultra-precision SMA to 27 GHz; 2.92 mm (SMK) connectors to 40 GHz; and 2.4 mm connectors to 50 GHz. The company’s range of MIL-PRF-39012 QPL connectors has also been extended to over 200 configurations, in series BNC, N, SMA and TNC, along with a variety of MIL-PRF-55339 adapters.

Delta Electronics Manufacturing Corp.,
Beverly, MA (978) 927-1060,

Ceramic Wirebond Wedge

This ceramic wirebond wedge (ribbon and round wire) lasts 20+ percent longer while offering an efficiently tunable wirebond wedge. In addition to wedges, die pick-up tools in Tungsten Carbide, Delrin, Torlon and Vespel materials are also available.

DeWeyl Tool Co. Inc.,
Petaluma, CA (707) 765-5779,

High Frequency Isolator

The model D3I2640 is a high frequency isolator designed to meet high frequency military needs and high frequency test setup needs. This unit comes standard with K-female connectors and operates from 26.5 to 40 GHz. The unit offers a typical isolation of 15 dB, minimum isolation of 14 dB, typical insertion loss of 0.80 dB, maximum insertion loss of 1.00 dB, typical VSWR of 1.45 and maximum VSWR of 1.50. Delivery: in stock.

DiTom Microwave Inc.,
Fresno, CA (559) 255-7042,

SP6T Switches

The P/N 565Y-5311 is an SP6T switch with 2.9 mm connectors that operates from DC to 40 GHz. These switches come with a normally open actuator and can be equipped with coils designed for 12, 15, 24 and 28 V. Switching time is 20 ms (maximum). The design of this particular group of 40 GHz switches targets ATE applications and places an emphasis on reliability as well as phase and insertion loss repeatability.

Dow-Key Microwave,
Ventura, CA (805) 650-0260,

Microwave and Optical Switch System

The Racal Instruments 1257 is a microwave and optical switch system that is tailor-made to each customer’s exact specifications. This allows managers to use their resources more effectively on their own products while leveraging the expertise of an experienced switch system manufacturer to produce a high quality switch solution. The resulting solution is fully documented, easily repeatable and highly serviceable, reducing the headaches encountered in producing a reliable microwave or optical system.

EADS North America Defense Test and Services Inc.,
Irvine, CA (800) 722-2528,

Broadband Synthesizer

This ultra-fast, ultra-low phase noise, high performance, phase coherent broadband synthesizer operates in a frequency range from 0.3 to 18 GHz. The UFS-18 series is based on direct-analog design techniques combined with DDS capability for fine frequency resolution. The unit also provides wideband FM chirp and IF input. The synthesizer achieves simultaneous phase coherent and random access switching at 1 Hz resolution and ? 250 nanosecond across the full band utilizing its proprietary digital synthesizer core design.

Elcom Technologies Inc.,
Rockleigh, NJ (201) 767-8030,

Multi-channel Emulator

The PROPSim C8 hardware real-time multi-channel emulator provides a powerful platform for testing multiple input multiple output (MIMO) systems. With up to 16 fading channels, PROPSim C8 allows accurate, repeatable emulation of complex real-world radio propagation scenarios up to 4×4 MIMO systems. PROPSim C8 hardware is system independent and supports WLAN, WiMAX and cellular systems. In addition to multi-path fading, PROPSim C8 can also generate other channel impairment effects, including noise (AWGN), CW and modulated interferences.

Elektrobit Inc.,
San Diego, CA (858) 231-9697,

Power Meter

The model DPM-xx is a single-channel average power meter for RF to millimeter-wave frequencies that measures absolute power at 10 MHz to 220 GHz. Easy operation is ensured with automatic zeroing, automatic sensor recognition and a calculation factor table stored in the memory of each power sensor. Its compact size, precise accuracy, reliability and inexpensive pricing make the DPM-xx power meter an attractive asset for design engineering, equipment manufacturing, field engineering and research. Starting price is US$3,834.

ELVA-1 Ltd.,
St. Petersburg, Russia (408) 358-5844,

Phase-locked Oscillators

The XLT series is a high vibration-tolerant phase-locked oscillator and frequency synthesizer that features low phase noise characteristics. This series operates in a frequency range from 5 to 200 MHz in fixed-frequency or serially-programmable bandwidths. The product is ideally suited for use in lieu of conventional clock oscillators in high reliability environments where instantaneous turn-on, high stability and low phase noise over temperature and vibration are stringent requirements. Low power consumption is an additional feature of this product.

EM Research Inc.,
Verdi, NV (775) 345-2411,

RFID Isolators

These ECCOPAD® RFID isolators offer standard and custom solutions for read-on-metal and liquid problems at HF (13.56 MHz) and UHF (915/868 MHz). The isolators are thin, flexible and rugged elastomers. When placed between the metal surface and the RFID tag, ECCOPAD isolators enable tag operation. ECCOPAD isolators are available with an integral pressure sensitive adhesive on one side, both sides or neither side. Solutions are now available for three new Generation 2 RFID tags.

Emerson & Cuming Microwave Products Inc.,
Randolph, MA (781) 961-9600,

Hand-formable Cable Assemblies

These SMA hand-formable, fixed length cable assemblies are part of the Johnson“ product line and are designed for RF/microwave applications. With Johnson brand connectors on each end, these assemblies offer good VSWR and low insertion loss up to 18 GHz. The assemblies are manufactured with hand-formable 50 ? microwave cable and are available in 0.086 and 0.141 cable diameters. These assemblies are available off-the-shelf and are a low cost alternative to making your own cables.

Emerson Network Power Connectivity Solutions,
Waseca, MN (800) 327-8663,

Solid-state Power Amplifier

The model BBM4A5KDM (SKU #1107) is a solid-state power amplifier (SSPA) that oper-ates from 1000 to 2500 MHz and produces 20 W at P1dB from a 28 VDC source. This ultra-broadband module was designed for mobile jamming applications in the L- and S-bands and other linear applications that require high efficiency and ultimate ruggedness. This amplifier utilizes linear power devices that provide high gain, good linearity, low distortion and wide dynamic range. The module is fully protected against simultaneous overdrive, any load VSWR and temperature variations.

Empower RF Systems Inc.,
Inglewood, CA (310) 412-8100,

JCA Amplifiers

These JCA amplifiers feature an average gain tracking of ±0.75 dB and ±1.5 dB gain matching across a 2 to 18 GHz bandwidth. The amplifiers are manufactured utilizing an automated assembly process that uses precise pick-and-place machinery and automatic wire-bonding. The result is reliable and repeatable gain matching and phase tracking performance, and reduced RF tuning times by 30 percent.

Endwave Defense Systems Inc.,
Sunnyvale, CA (408) 522-3180,

Open Boundary Quadridge Horn

The model 3164-05 is a quadridge horn that offers a unique open boundary design, which allows for improved patterns and gain. While the optimum frequency range is 2 to 18 GHz, the model 3164-05 is useable from 1.5 GHz. Linear or circular polarized measurements can be made when the antenna is used with a 90° hybrid.

Cedar Park, TX (512) 531-6400,

100 W GaN HEMT

These GaN HEMT products are designed for WiMAX and 3G (UMTS, W-CDMA) systems. Primary features of the GaN HEMT products include: 100 W in 0.2 cc (500 W/cc), 180 W in 1.2 cc (150 W/cc), high channel temperature (Tch) of up to 250C, high impedance of close to 50 ? (ease of matching), high operating voltage of 50 V, high breakdown voltage of 350 V, high output power of up to 180 W (500 W preliminary), high efficiency (saturated operation: 60 percent, W-CDMA operation: 35 percent), high gain of 15 dB at 2.1 GHz and good suitability with digital pre-distortion system.

Eudyna Devices Inc.,
San Jose, CA (408) 232-9500,

D-subminiature Connectors

These non-magnetic RF and mixed layout D-subminiature connectors are designed for use in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) medical equipment. These products are manufactured using materials specially selected for their non-magnetic properties. All mechanical and electrical characteristics within the products are maintained to common specifications. Product range includes 50 and 75 ? RF contacts, 10A to 40A power contacts and high voltage contacts capable up to 3000 V. Standard RF ranges available in non-magnetic forms include SMA, SMB and MCX.

FCT Electronics LP,
Torrington, CT (860) 482-2800,

Broadband MMICs

The models FMA3006, FMA3007 and FMA3008 are broadband MMIC devices designed for a wide range of applications from 2 to 20 GHz. These amplifiers are manufactured using either a single or double heterojunction PHEMT process. These devices operate over the 2 to 20 GHz frequency range and are suitable for applications including electronic warfare, broadband communication infrastructure, cellular backhaul, point-to-point radio and test instrumentation applications.

Filtronic Compound Semiconductors, Newton Aycliffe,
County Durham, UK +44 (0) 1325 306 880,

Switched Filter Banks

These switched filter banks are tailored to specific customer requirements. The most appropriate filter and switch technologies are utilized to achieve the best overall performance in the selection of frequency bands of interest. This includes design options such as MMIC FET switches for fast switching requirements, or discrete PIN diode switches for high isolation. Other design options may involve multiple filter topologies or the use of multiplexed filter banks for multi-channel switched filters.

Filtronic Sage Laboratories Inc.,
Hudson, NH (603) 459-1600,

Waveguide Switches

The series 336 waveguide switches are competitively priced and provide high reliability, high repeatability, high isolation of > 60 dB and low insertion loss of < 0.05 dB. Models in the range cover C-band, military X-, extended Ku-, DBS/DTH and Ka- Satcom bands. Options include: 12 and 28 V drive, lockable models, manual override, tell back contacts, MIL Spec connectors to MS3112E10 and weatherproofing in an operational temperature range of –40° to +85°C.

Flann Microwave Ltd.,
Bodmin, Cornwall, UK +44 (0)1208 77777,

Universal Coherent Modulator Subassembly

The model SA-69-BD is a universal coherent modulator subassembly that operates from 2 to 18 GHz and is used in PDOA, ADOA or TDOA applications. It combines amplification and gain equalization stages, a digitally controlled vector modulator and attenuator, pulse modulator and a switched-filter bank to provide modulated signals with high resolution amplitude and phase accuracy. It achieves 360° of phase shift, 120 dB of attenuation and 80 dB of pulse modulation. It is available in optimized bandwidths from 400 MHz to 24 GHz.

G.T. Microwave Inc.,
Randolph, NJ (973) 361-5700,

3.5 mm Coaxial Calibration Standards

These 3.5 mm coaxial calibration standards provide highly accurate and repeatable calibration as a result of the company’s precision machining and RF characterization technologies. The precision OPEN, SHORT, LOAD components can be used to calibrate several types of commercial VNA systems up to 9 GHz (model GCS35M-9G) and 26.5 GHz (model GCS35M-26G), respectively.

GigaLane Co. Ltd.,
Suwon, Kyonggi-do, Korea

High Linearity HFET Foundry Process

These 0.5 mm high linearity HFET foundry services are designed for wireless infrastructure amplifier applications. At 2 GHz, when biased at 8 V and 40 percent Idss, the 1.2 mm HFET device can achieve an output power of 28 dBm with a TOI of 45.5 dBm and a drain efficiency of ~50 percent. The linearity makes it well suited for use in both analog and digital wireless communication infrastructure and subscriber equipment, including 3G, cellular, PCS and fixed wireless systems.

Global Communication
Semiconductors Inc.,
Torrance, CA (310) 530-7274,

Wedge Wire Bonder

This wedge wire bonder offers 1 µm repeatability over a working area of 305 × 410 mm. The third machine generation — series BONDJET BJ820 is a fully automatic wedge bonder that offers high standards for accuracy, placement, fine pitch, bond speed and high bond quality even on the smallest bond pads. The BJ820 is especially suited to microwave applications that require extreme looping control and consistency. Programming modes allow constant loop height or constant wire length in addition to stitch bonding capability, all while bonding with either gold or aluminum wire. Size: 720 × 1250 mm.

Hesse & Knipps Inc.,
San Jose, CA (408) 436-9300,

Mixed-signal Integrated Circuits

These two new mixed-signal integrated circuits (IC) product lines are based upon BiCMOS semiconductor technology. The new power detector product line features a 50 to 3500 MHz logarithmic detector/controller with dynamic range of up to 75 dB at 900 MHz. The new data acquisition product line features a wideband track and hold SMT IC with an input sampling bandwidth of 4.5 GHz and a spurious free dynamic range of 56 dB at 1 GHz.

Hittite Microwave Corp.,
Chelmsford, MA (978) 250-3343,

RF Power Switch

This plug and play RF power switch is small, reliable, powerful, easy to handle and requires little maintenance, which makes it cost-effective to use. The RF power provides outstanding benefits for customers — everywhere where switching between channels is required. It guarantees indirect benefits for mobile phone users and network operators.

Herisau, Switzerland +41 (0)71 353 41 11,

EM Field Solver

The Empire XCcel™ is a 3D EM field solver that offers a completely revised intuitive graphical user interface. 3D editor, job control and post processing are integrated into one frame and simulations can be adapted from a large template library. A further speed-up of 200 percent can be obtained by a smart cache management. New features include a broadband loss model, meta materials, spice parameter extraction and clipboard links of diagrams.

Kamp-Lintfort, Germany +49 2842 981 100,

RF LDMOS Integrated Circuits

These high power RF LDMOS integrated circuits are based on the company’s eighth-generation LDMOS technology. These devices integrate a high power RF broadband FET with passive components and diodes. These products offer good gain and bandwidth characteristics with low AM-AM and AM-PM distortion performance. The first five products operate from 800 to 2300 MHz, with power levels ranging from 30 to 50 W. Samples are available, with production scheduled for 3Q06.

Infineon Technologies,
San Jose, CA (408) 501-6000,

Electromagnetic Analysis and Simulation Software

The release of LORENTZ-HF is a simulation program aimed at the SATCOM and high energy physics communities. This program has been developed to meet the need for reliable and verifiable computer simulation data for the phenomenon of multipactor discharge (MD) or multipaction. LORENTZ-HF can accurately predict the location of MD and the power conditions required for multipaction to occur within a vacuum environment. LORENTZ-HF combines IES’ 3D MoM full-wave program SINGULA with the ray tracing and space charge capabilities of its LORENTZ program.

Integrated Engineering Software,
Winnipeg, MB, Canada (204) 632-5636,


These SAW filters, delay lines, duplexers and resonators are manufactured in Korea. The SAW duplexer is available in an LTCC 5050 package that is utilized for CDMA 450 applications.

ITF Co. Ltd.,
Gyounggi-Do, Korea +82-32-328-0543,

Advanced Digital Synthesizer Technology

WaveCor is a high performance synthesizer that combines advanced direct digital synthesis (DDS) technology with a unique product architecture. WaveCor’s distinctive architecture takes full advantage of the company’s patented DDS technology to produce good clean signals. The WaveCor synthesizer features good phase noise performance and fast switching anywhere in the operating band. WaveCor’s broadband output covers 300 MHz to 18 GHz with a spurious free dynamic range of up to –60 dBc.

ITT Industries – Microwave Systems,
Lowell, MA (978) 441-0200,

Laboratory Microprobe Station

The model LMS-E-2709 is a laboratory microprobe station designed for 2+ port S-parameter RF/microwave through 40 GHz along with low current semiconductor characterization experiments and independent research. Standard isolated vacuum chuck accommodates semiconductor and substrate test devices up to 2" with 1" by 1" movement and a z-lift for removing probe contact. Optional larger, shielded and temperature-controlled chucks are available. The lab microprobe station is affordably priced for today’s demanding economy, rugged enough for use in university teaching laboratories and intuitive enough for occasional users.

J microTechnology Inc.,
Portland, OR (503) 614-9509,

Ka-band Block Converters

These block up and down converters translate L-band signals (1 to 2 GHz) to Ka-band (30 to 31 GHz) and from 20.2 to 21.2 GHz back to L-band. Some key features include phase locked to an external 5/10 MHz or 50 MHz reference, low output phase noise (MIL-STD-188-164A compliant), low output spurious and LO leakage, +15 dBm output power, low noise figure, and operation from a single +12 V at 1.0A maximum for KABUC, and 700 mA for KABDC. Weight: < 1 lb.

Jersey Microwave,
Hackettstown, NJ (908) 684-2390,

Power Dividers

The models 50PD-559, 50PD-560, 50PD-570 and 50PD-585 are power dividers that operate from 800 to 2400 MHz. The models’ 5 W power handling capabilities and 20 dB minimum isolation make them perfect for a multitude of wireless applications. Two-, four- and eight-way configurations are available with SMA or N connectors. Price: starting at $55.00.

JFW Industries Inc.,
Indianapolis, IN (317) 887-1340,

Surface-mount Circulator/Isolators

These 2nd generation surface-mount circulator/isolators are designed for RFID and wire-less base station applications. The SMT II series is a low IMD solution for applications that require high performance and solder reflow. Available from 0.8 to 3.8 GHz, this series offers extra small packages of 0.72" or 0.93" in diameter. Circuit-bases are designed for easy PCB assembly and typical IMD is lower than –75 dBc. These products are RoHS compliant. Price: $12.00 each (10,000).

JQL Electronics Inc.,
Buffalo Grove, IL (630) 930-9917,

Push/Pull Connectors

These SMA connectors offer a push/pull connection that makes mating quick and easy. These connectors feature electrical performance up to 6 GHz and offer designs that are available for flexible and semi-rigid cables. These connectors allow 360° of the connectors to be mated. The design of the connectors can be easily mated with any kind of standard SMA jack.

Junper Interconnection Co. Ltd.,
Ningbo, ZJ, China 86-574-87901538,

Band Reject Filter

The model 3IN10-2240.8/X15-XO/XO is a band reject filter designed for telemetry applications with a spurious-free upper passband out to 20 GHz. This module facilitates removal of a particular communication channel, such as data or video, while permitting other types of communication to continue unimpeded. The small footprint, 0.6" × 0.9" × 0.235", makes it an ideal candidate for a variety of applications. The design is a hybrid combination of lumped and distributed elements. SSMA connectors are standard.

K&L Microwave,
Salisbury, MD (410) 749-2424,

RF Test Instruments

The model 2910 is an RF vector signal generator that utilizes software-defined radio architecture, patent-pending synthesizer technology and unique power leveling techniques. This model provides a flexible platform that utilizes software to adapt as test requirements change and reduces test time with fast frequency tuning, amplitude settling and waveform switching available. This model offers a three-year standard warranty. Price: $14,500. The model 2810, an RF vector signal analyzer, and the model 3500, a portable RF power meter, will also be available this summer.

Keithley Instruments Inc.,
Cleveland, OH (800) 688-9951,

Hybrid Coupler

The model 3100400/K is a 90° hybrid coupler that operates from 10 to 40 GHz. This model offers a coupling of 3 dB, amplitude imbalance of ±0.7 dB, phase imbalance of ±10°, isolation of 12 dB minimum and maximum VSWR of 1.80. This hybrid coupler provides an insertion loss of 2.0 dB maximum, power rating of 20 W average, 3 kW peak and standard connectors include 2.4 mm female and 2.92 mm female. Operating temperature is –54° to +85°C. Unit may be manufactured to meet military specifications. Delivery: stock to 30 days.

Sunnyvale, CA (408) 734-5999,

Extended Range DLVA

The LMV001 is a CW immune extended range detector log video amplifier with an 80 dB (–70 to +10 dBm) dynamic range operating over the 2 to 18 GHz frequency range. It includes an output RF port that delivers 40 dB gain over the full frequency range and chip hybrid circuits are used throughout to minimize size and maximize performance. The frequency flatness of ±2 dB at both the video and RF outputs is maintained over the full dynamic range and temperature range of –40° to +85°C, as is the 25 ns video pulse rise time. Size: 50 × 45 × 12 mm.

Labtech Ltd.,
Milton Keynes, UK +44 1908 261755,

Antenna Solution

The NanoAnt™ miniature antenna technology offers system designers a small-sized antenna with good performance, implementation flexibility and cost effectiveness for a wide variety of wireless applications. This technology can operate from 1.575 GHz up to 6 GHz enabling GPS, Bluetooth, WLAN 802.11a/b/g, 802.11n MIMO, public safety band and other device functionalities. The NanoAnt is designed for high volume surface-mount attachment through the use of pick-and-place processing, and does not require a ground connection. Among the NanoAnt’s unique features is that some applications do not require a keep-out space or clearance area.

Laird Technologies,
St. Louis, MO (314) 344-9300,

Surface-mount Combline Filters

These miniaturized surface-mount combline filters are small, lightweight, low cost and tough enough for harsh conditions. The filters are easier and faster to mount or install in volume production situations. These filters operate between 5 and 15 GHz with a bandwidth from 3 to 20 percent and offer low insertion loss. The filters are designed to meet military environmental specifications in frontline fighter aircraft.

Lark Engineering Co.,
San Juan Capistrano, CA (949) 240-1233,

Shield Design Process

The Flex-Tech Shield Design process provides a simple pick list of standard product design features that makes it easy to create a custom shield with choices in cover retention, frame design, mating surfaces, multi-cavities and access holes/notches. An example is the new Click-Shield™ that offers unlimited size and placement flexibility, and a unique cover-retention method. This process allows a custom solution using standard features.

Leader Tech Inc.,
Tampa, FL (813) 855-6921,

Solid-state Power Amplifiers

The S71000 Ku-band series of solid-state power amplifier modules operates in a frequency range from 13.75 to 14.5 GHz. This amplifier ranges in output power from 10 to 100 W and provides a high quality, slim-line solution for various low, medium and high power requirements. The S71000 series utilizes state-of-the-art techniques, including a thermal design enabling long-term reliability and a rugged mechanical design offering a suitable product for any type of system architecture.

Locus Microwave,
State College, PA (814) 861-3200,

GPS Dual-band Reject Filter

The model 5DBR-1227/1575-X10-S is a GPS dual-band reject filter with bi-directional inputs. This filter features 1 dB maximum loss over the passband while achieving a typical notch depth attenuation of 50 dB at 1227 and 1575 MHz. Typically the 3 dB bandwidths are less than 50 MHz. The VSWR is 2.0 from DC to 1700 MHz, excluding the notch area. Size: 4.5 × 1.25 × 0.50, excluding SMA female connectors. If preferred, the filters can be sold as individual filters in separate 3.0" long boxes.

Lorch Microwave,
Salisbury, MD (410) 860-5100,

Electromagnetic Software

PeakView, the company’s product suite, is deeply integrated with the Cadence custom IC design environment that offers RF designers an easy way to identify and repair EM integrity design faults. PeakView has been architected upon an EM coupling simulation/modeling technology platform that provides HF circuit and physical design teams’ accuracy, speed and capacity. This suite provides comprehensive passive component model and layout synthesis capability. PeakView offers an alternative to existing test chip development, characterization and modeling design practices.

Lorentz Solution Inc.,
Milpitas, CA (408) 922-0765,

Circuit Board Plotter

The ProtoLaser 100 combines the capabilities of an advanced milling and drilling circuit board plotter with a sophisticated laser system. The ProtoLaser 100 is an ideal system for the laser structuring, milling and drilling of circuit carriers. A special laser system removes the copper layer between the conductive strips without affecting the substrate. Printed circuit board prototypes with 50 µm (2 mil) structures can be manufactured quickly and flexibly.

LPKF Laser & Electronics,
Wilsonville, OR (503) 454-4200,

High Power Broadband Amplifiers

The models MAAPGM0074-DIE, MAAPGM0076-DIE, MAAPGM0077-DIE and MAA-PGM0078-DIE are high power broadband amplifiers that can be used in various applications including communications and military electronic systems. The power levels, up to 16 W, are especially high for multi-octave GaAs MMICs covering frequency bands from 0.7 to 8 GHz.

Lowell, MA (800) 366-2266,

DC Blocks

These DC blocks are RoHS compliant and cover wireless band applications from 0.400 to 3.000 GHz. These blocks are available in 7/16 DIN, N, BNC and TNC configurations with RF power ratings to 500 W (2.5 kW peak) and breakdown voltages to 2.5 kV. This makes the blocks ideal for eliminating unwanted DC voltages or surges to tower top amplifiers. Delivery: stock to two weeks. Blocks are made in the US.

MECA Electronics,
Denville, NJ (973) 625-0661,

Coaxial Connectors and Adapters

The ZMA series of precision coaxial connectors and adapters is ideal for applications where there are constraints on space. The bayonet-style coupling nut is easily mated and de-mated with a quarter turn, without the need for a torque wrench. For applications such as antenna systems, this connector provides good mechanical stability and eliminates the need for lock wiring in high vibration environments where space is limited. In test systems, this connector provides a fast and accurate method for continuous connects and disconnects.

MegaPhase LLC,
Stroudsburg, PA (570) 424-8400,

2.92 mm Connector

This modified 2.92 mm “K” connector provides enhanced performance at high frequencies. The connector operates up to 45 GHz and mates to a standard 2.92 mm interface. The modified 2.92 mm design combines expanded electrical performance in a larger connector, facilitating field maintenance without the hazard of breaking a smaller center contact. The new connector was developed at the request of a customer who needed 40+ GHz performance in the 2.92 mm format.

Meggitt Safety Systems Inc.,
Simi Valley, CA (805) 584-4100,

Portable Spectrum Analyzer

The U3700 series is a portable spectrum analyzer that includes models U3771 and U3772. The model U3771 operates in a frequency range up to 31.8 GHz and model U3772 operates in a frequency range up to 43 GHz. The 3700 series spectrum analyzers are manufactured by Advantest, Japan, and sold and serviced by MetricTest. At 308 cm × 175 × 209 and less than 6 kg, the U3771/U3772 portable spectrum analyzer is small and supports measurements from 9 kHz to 31.8/43 GHz. Designed for convenient field use, the U3771/U3772 can operate either on an AC/DC power source or on a battery with a life of approximately two hours.

Hayward, CA (510) 264-0887,

EM Software Tool

Version 6.0 of the EM-software tool mWave Wizard™ provides seamless integration of 3D FEM simulation technology into the existing mode-matching and 2D FEM framework. This includes optimization, full 3D visualization of the electromagnetic fields, calculation of losses arising from finite wall conductivity as well as an integrated eigenmode solver. The consideration of draft angles for die-casting technology and the modeling of arbitrarily shaped probes in cavities will be possible with new, flexible library elements. The COM capabilities have been extended and provide new VBA commands to automate the µWave Wizard.

Mician GmbH,
Bremen, Germany +49 (421) 16899351,

YIG-tuned Oscillators

The MLX “O” series of YIG-tuned oscillators operates in a frequency range from 6 to 20 GHz. These three models provide phase noise performance that covers 8 to 18 GHz, 6 to 18 GHz and 8 to 20 GHz. Utilizing new SiGe transistors, these units are available in three standard package configurations that include 1.25" cube, 1.75" cylinder and 1" cube. These oscillators provide +14 to +15 dBm power output levels and operate over the 0 to +65°C commercial temperature ranges. Extended temperature models are available for the 1.25" cube and the 1.75" cylinder packages. Delivery: four weeks.

Micro Lambda Wireless Inc.,
Fremont, CA (510) 770-9221,

Diode Modeling Tools

MicroMetrics Inc. has contracted Modelithics to create new nonlinear models for its line of high performance limiter diodes, including the MP7100, 7110 and 7120 series. The models will be valid for large-signal design allowing designers to better understand the temperature and power dependency of the RF behavior of these diodes for improved design. The models will initially be available in the Agilent Technologies Advanced Design System (ADS) design simulation software and later ported to other simulators.

MicroMetrics Inc.,
Londonderry, NH (603) 641-3800,

X-band Latching Rotary-field Phase Shifter

This reciprocal latching rotary-field phase shifter with integral driver combines the best of phase shifter technologies. Its rotary-field design operates at high average and peak power levels with minimal phase error while its latching characteristic eliminates the need for holding current thereby reducing the system power needs.

Microwave Applications Group,
Santa Maria, CA (805) 928-5711,

Terminations and Connectors

These terminations and connectors operate from DC to 18 GHz and are available in a variety of power levels. The terminations and connectors can be used in a variety of applications and will accommodate many different housing designs. Offered in 50 ?, these items are designed for fast and easy installation. Delivery: from stock.

Microwave Communications
Laboratories Inc.,
Saint Petersburg, FL (727) 344-6254,

WiMAX Diplexer

This diplexer was designed for use in WiMAX base stations receiving and transmitting broad band information in the 3.4 to 3.43 GHz and 3.5 to 3.53 GHz bands. These bands are mutually isolated by a minimum of 55 dB with a maximum 1 dB of insertion loss in each band. The use of modern design and production methods yields a compact-sized diplexer with a 4" × 3" × 1.25" footprint.

Microwave Filter Co.,
East Syracuse, NY (315) 438-4700,

Fast CAD and Optimization Tool

WASP-NET meets the quest of microwave engineers for a new quality of EM CAD and optimization efficiency utilizing its unique hybrid MM/FE/MoM/FD full-wave engine that combines the high speed and flexibility advantages of four solvers in one single tool. The WASP-NET v6.4, featuring multiprocessor and advanced 64-bit options, offers efficient CAD capabilities also for large sized structures with typical optimization times of a few minutes on a PC. WASP-NET application examples include: fast CAD and optimization of all types of waveguide components and aperture antennas/arrays; full-wave synthesis of waveguide, combline, cross-coupled and LTCC filters; dielectric resonator filters; dielectric loaded horns with shaped subreflectors; squarax and stripline elements.

Microwave Innovation Group (MiG) GmbH and Co. KG,
Bremen, Germany +49 421 22 37 96 60,

Power Amplifiers and Drivers

This family of eight high linearity power amplifiers (PA) are designed for WiFi (802.11) and WiMAX (802.16d/e) standards for all three frequency bands, 2.4 to 2.7 GHz, 3.3 to 3.7 GHz and 4.9 to 5.9 GHz. The WPS series offers P1dB up to 36 dBm with IP3 as high as 50 dBm and error vector magnitude (EVM) less than two percent at 29 dBm output power level under 64QAM modulation schedule with 256 WiMAX carriers. The typical gain across the bands is 14 dB.

MicroWave Technology Inc.,
Fremont, CA (510) 651-6700,

RF Power Amplifier

This highly efficient, small, 10 W (saturated) RF power amplifier is designed for JTRS related applications. This unit operates from 12 or 24 VDC and can handle a variety of modulating waveforms. It is self-contained in a 3" × 1.6" × 0.78" enclosure (smaller than a business card) weighing 4 oz. Performance from 25 MHz to 2.5 GHz and many options are possible.

Mid-Atlantic RF Systems Inc.,
Forest Hill, MD (410) 893-2430,

Active Multipliers

The AMC series of active multipliers are capable of extending the range of sources from 8 to 20 GHz coaxial input to the complete millimeter-wave spectrum from 18 to 110 GHz. Outputs are available in six waveguide bands from WR-42 to WR-10. Recent upgrades have improved the performance of the series with higher output power, lower power dissipation, built-in bias protection and rugged packaging. The AMC-10-RFH00 operates from 75 to 110 GHz and features high power.

Millitech Inc.,
Northampton, MA (413) 582-9620,

Active Doubler

The model XX1000-QT is a 7.5 to 22.5/15 to 45 GHz active doubler offered in a 3×3 mm QFN surface-mount plastic package that is RoHS compliant. This packaged device combines an active doubler with an output buffer amplifier that delivers constant power over a range of input powers. Using 0.15 µm gallium arsenide PHEMT model technology, the device delivers +15 dBm output power from 15 to 45 GHz and offers good rejection of the fundamental and harmonic products.

Mimix Broadband Inc.,
Houston, TX (281) 988-4600,

SPDT Absorptive Switches

Models HSWA2-30DR+ are SPDT absorptive switches with an internal CMOS control driver that delivers performance by providing high isolation, low insertion loss and high input IP3 over the entire DC to 3000 MHz band. Operating from a single positive 3 V supply voltage, these RoHS compliant switches are totally immune to latch-up so they always work, incorporate a unique design-simultaneous switch-off of RF1 and RF2, and provide low DC power consumption, essential for today’s portable battery operated wireless devices. These switches are great solutions for base station infrastructure, CATV, DBS, MMDS, wireless WLAN and band switching. Price: from $1.29 each (1000). Delivery: in stock.

Brooklyn, NY (718) 934-4500,

Microwave Coaxial Connectors

The HSC series of microwave coaxial connectors provide a mating height of only 1.2 mm maximum making the connectors an ideal fit for mobile and cordless telephones, GPS units and other microwave equipment. Fully RoHS compliant, the HSC series operates from DC to 6 GHz with good VSWR characteristics. The receptacle size is 2×2 mm making it ideal for high density mounting. Various cable lengths and configurations are available allowing for design flexibility.

Murata Electronics North America Inc.,
Smyrna, GA (770) 436-1300,

Epoxy Resin System Materials

The model N4350-13 RF and the model N4380-13 RF are enhanced epoxy resin system materials with tightly controlled dielectric constants, low signal loss properties and good thermal properties designed to be used in many cost and performance-sensitive applications that would otherwise require a PTFE material. These products are suitable for many applications including amplifiers, components, multi-layer boards and short range antennas.

Tempe, AZ (480) 967-5600,

Crystal Filters

The UM series of custom crystal filters offer bandpass and band reject filters packaged in surface-mount and leaded hermetic enclosures. The UM series crystal filters are available in all filter design approximations from 40 to 200 MHz with fractional passband bandwidths from 0.015 to 0.6 percent, in 2- to 10-pole configurations. The filters, available with delay equalization and in phase-matched sets, feature reduced passband loss and ripple with standard 50 W source and load impedances.

Network Sciences,
Phoenix, AZ (602) 258-8095,

Low Profile Filter/Amplifier Assembly

The model CS-182-1 is a surface-mount integrated filter/amplifier assembly. The product features a low height profile of 0.170" and performance characteristics include greater than 90 dB of noise floor rejection. Operating frequency can be customized for applications ranging from 150 to 2000 MHz with a variety of sections and sizes ranging from 0.75" to 2" in length are available.

Networks International Corp.,
Overland Park, KS (913) 685-3400,

Dielectric Multiplexer

This dielectric AMPS+US-PCS multiplexer has been designed for the overseas market. The multiplexer provides customers benefits in production cost, installation cost and other expenses incurred by unifying the systems.

Partron Co. Ltd.,
Hwaseong-si, Gyunggi-Do, Korea 82 (0)31-206-2953,

Spectrum Monitor/Analyzer

Analyze-R,™ model 2261A is a spectrum monitor/analyzer that addresses the 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz unlicensed ISM bands, the 3.4 to 3.6 GHz licensed/unlicensed bands, the 4.9 GHz Public Safety band, the unlicensed 5 GHz U-NII/ISM bands and the 5.8 GHz DSCR band. Unique features of the 2261A include 38 selectable 100 MHz widebands, unattended data recording, auto calculation of C/I, GPS data logging and sensitivity is > –103 dBm. The 2261A is rugged, lightweight (< 7 lbs.) and battery powered.

Pendulum Instruments Inc.,
Oakland, CA (510) 428-9488,


The model PE2-44-12-1R5NF-15-SFF is an amplifier that offers 46 dB typical gain from 1 to 2 GHz. The gain flatness is better than ±1.5 dB. Noise figure is < 2 dB and the OP1dB is > 10 dBm. VSWR in/out is 2.0 maximum and the current is 250 mA at +15 VDC maximum. This amplifier can be supplied in many choices of housings. Other gain levels are available.

Planar Electronics Technology,
Frederick, MD (301) 662-5019,

200 to 800 MHz SDLVA

The model SDLVA-0120-70 with options DB and 0208 is a successive detection log video amplifier (SDLVA) that operates from 200 to 800 MHz with a limited IF output of –16 dBm and a logging range of –75 to –5 dBm. The input VSWR at –23 dBm is 2.5 and the TSS is –80 dBm typical. The rise and fall times are
< 30 ns and the power supply is +15 VDC at 100 mA maximum and –15 VDC at 190 mA maximum. Size: 3.75" × 1.50" × 0.50".

Planar Monolithics Industries Inc.,
Frederick, MD (301) 662-4700,

SPDT and SP4T Switches

These low loss, microwave SPDT and SP4T switches operate in a frequency range from 12 to 19 GHz. The switches are realized on a low cost Rogers RO4003 substrate utilizing packaged beam-lead PIN diodes, SMT resistors and capacitors, and printed components. Measured insertion loss is 0.85 dB for the SPDT and 1.8 dB for the SP4T. The photograph shown displays the SP4T switch, which incorporates driver and decoder circuitry to allow two-line control using standard CMOS logic levels.

Plextek Ltd.,
Cambridge, England, UK +44 1799 533 261,

Extended Range Filter

This extended range filter is a multi-band frequency-tunable bandpass filter designed for integration in broadband transceiver applications, where small size, moderate selectivity and low power consumption are paramount. Based on its Mini-Pole technology, the extended range filter provides digitally tunable bandpass filtering from 30 to 450 MHz, with a 10 percent 3 dB bandwidth and ~5 dB insertion loss. This protection against cosite interference is achieved in a miniature package of 2" × 2" × 0.38".

Pole/Zero Corp.,
West Chester, OH (513) 870-9060,

Thick Microwave Laminates

The NorCLAD line of microwave laminates are thick laminates that offer low loss and an ? of 2.55. These laminates are ideal for broadband antenna applications such as microstrip patches, dipoles and volutes. Typical antenna applications include high precision GPS, broadband ComLink, low profile UAV and various SatCom Subscribers (SDARs, DBS and Voice/Data). Standard thickness includes 0.125", 0.187", 0.250", 0.375" and 0.500".

Polyflon Co., a Crane Co. company,
Norwalk, CT (203) 840-7555,

Discrete Clock Oscillators

The J Leaded discrete clock oscillator is utilized for high end military and avionics applications. The current technology includes a hybrid IC with open blank crystal construction. PDI has been approved with this new discrete technology for space level applications. The enclosed crystal allows for better aging characteristics. The J Leaded package provides long-term reliability through harsh environments. Size: 8.9 × 7.4 mm.

Precision Devices Inc.,
Middleton, WI (800) 274-9825,

Hi-Rel Oscillators

The model QT92 is a high reliability oscillator with a built-in bypass capacitor. This drop-in replacement for 5×7 mm oscillators is designed to overcome the inherent quality issues of strip crystals in demanding military/aerospace requirements. The QT92 is a solution for cold starts, stability, activity dips and reliability. Quality is designed in, not screened in. This model is available in 3.3 VDC with LVCMOS logic (550 kHz to 160 MHz) and in 5 VDC with ACMOS, HCMOS or TTL logic (500 kHz to 125 MHz). Tri-state option.

Q-Tech Corp.,
Culver City, CA (310) 836-7900,

Organic Semiconductor Packaging

This organic semiconductor and electronic packaging utilizes the company’s proprietary Quantech™ polymer compounds that produce unique advantages in RF microwave packaging. These designs increase performance and improve thermal dissipation by tailoring material properties such as dielectric constant, CTE and adhesion to copper flanges. The packaging provides high temperature stability enabling eutectic die attach processes and complies with the latest RoHS environmental standards.

Quantum Leap Packaging Inc.,
Wilmington, MA (978) 658-7711,

Parabolic Antenna

The model QRP-T0024Z011 is a broadband prime focus parabolic antenna that operates in a frequency range from 18 to 40 GHz. Typical gain of 30 to 50 dB is available with a typical side lobe of –16 dB for the antenna. Power handling of this antenna is 800 W for CW and 5 kW for pulse. A coax feed connector is also available for the antenna. It is a good choice for applications such as radar cross-section measurement, EW receivers, instrumentation radar and other broadband systems.

QuinStar Technology Inc.,
Torrance, CA (310) 320-1111,

Coaxial Switches

The R595 Platinum series of DP3T – SPDT coaxial switches complement the R594 Plat-inum series of high performance, multi-port switches. The R595 Platinum series products offer several configurations, including DP3T and SPDT in both terminated and non-terminated versions. These products are optimized to perform at a high level over an extended life span. The switches feature an insertion loss repeatability of 0.03 dB over a life span of 10 million cycles (up to 26.5 GHz).

Rosny-sous-Bois, France +33 1 49 35 35 35,

Flat Pack Filters

This flat pack series of miniature combline filters operate in a frequency range from 5 to 20 GHz. These tiny 1/8" profile units pack all of the performance of a larger combline filter into a smaller package. These filters are available in bandwidths of 10 to 30 percent and in 4 to 12 sections. The units are perfect for lightweight or airborne applications and can be supplied with surface-mount pins.

Reactel Inc.,
Gaithersburg, MD (301) 519-3660,

Hardware Acceleration

The release of XSTREAM hardware acceleration is designed for XFDTD. XFDTD is an electromagnetic analysis software based on the finite difference time domain method. XSTREAM uses the latest graphics card technology to provide dramatic speed increases in calculation time, even compared to the MPI multiprocessor cluster version and workstations.

Remcom Inc.,
State College, PA (814) 861-1299,

Leadless SMT Ceramic Packages

These ceramic leadless SMT packages are designed for low noise amplifiers, power amplifiers, switches, transceivers, mixers, splitters, filters, attenuators and other components that vary in sizes from 0.15" to 1" and operate from DC to 32 GHz. Packages feature unique low inductance wrap-around connections, plugged via holes with low resistance (below 1 milliohm) ensuring RF losses below 0.1 dB at 4 GHz and integrated passives. Vias hermeticity to 10–8 enables a hermetic version of leadless SMT packages. Thermal vias with K ? 200 W/Mx°C allow thermal resistance below 1 to 2°C/W providing good thermal management.

Norwood, MA (781) 762-9191,

Quadrature Hybrid Couplers

These application specific, high power 90° quadrature hybrid couplers are designed for
use in WiMAX applications. The units operate at 2.5 and 3.5 GHz and coupling is 3 dB nominal. Electrical performance offers typical insertion loss of 0.5 dB, isolation of 18 dB minimum, VSWR of 1.25 typical and directivity of 15 dB maximum. Power handling is 500 W CW. The devices are available with SMA female connectors standard, and alternate interfaces upon request. Size: 1.3" × 0.4" × 0.4", plus connectors.

Response Microwave Inc.,
Framingham, MA (978) 456-9184,

Adapter Kit

The RFA-4031-01 kit features three 3.5 mm precision adapters for use in microwave and RF applications. All adapters in this series offer 50 ? impedance and are made of non-magnetic, 303 stainless steel with beryllium copper contacts supported with a bead configuration. These adapters are designed to operate up to 34 GHz with a VSWR rating of 1.05+.006 f (f-GHz) maximum, and offer the same electrical length. 3.5 mm series coaxial connectors and adapters intermate with SMA and 2.9 mm connectors and are used primarily on test equipment. Special female design prevents misalignment during engagement.

RF Industries Inc.,
San Diego, CA (858) 549-6340,

GaN Power Amplifier

The model RFP-3500-48-28 is a GaN power amplifier designed for WiMAX applications that operate in a frequency range from 3.4 to 3.6 GHz. Average OFDM output power is 39 dBm at 3.5 GHz, and these amplifiers work well in all 64~16 QAM modulations with a 2 percent EVM specification. This module utilizes GaN HEMT technology that offers high breakdown voltage, high linearity, wide bandwidth and high efficiency.

Suwon, Korea +82-31-250-5011,

Front-end WLAN Module

The model RF5924 is a full front-end module designed for embedded wireless LAN (WLAN) applications. The device requires no external components, which provides the smallest footprint area of any 802.11g front-end module. Featuring the WLAN power amplifier, switch and receive balun, the RF5924 provides all the required functions between the RF transceiver and the system BPF/antenna. With all RF ports 50 ? matched, the RF5924 is designed to ease system implementation and reduce design cycle time.

Greensboro, NC (336) 664-1233,

Hand Formable Cables

These YouForm™ high quality, jacketed hand formable cables feature stainless steel SMA plugs on each end. These cables are 100 percent VSWR tested for 1.35 at 18 GHz and are available in 2 diameters that include 0.085 (0.102(OD)) and 0.141 (0.161(OD)). Lengths that range from 3" to 18" are in stock. Price: $9.95 each. Longer lengths are available at a higher price. These cable assemblies and connectors are engineered at P1dB by an alumni of companies such as Omni Spectra and M/A-COM.

RFMW Ltd.,
San Jose, CA (408) 414-1450,

Amplifier Pallet

The model LDU601C UHF (470 to 862 MHz) is an amplifier pallet designed for analog and digital TV transposers and transmitters. This amplifier pallet provides a power output of 600 W pep (–27 dBc minimum), and features the company’s patented “Smart Bias” control and innovative output matching circuits. The LDU601C incorporates microstrip technology and push-pull LDMOS technology (Infineon PTFA043002E RF device) to enhance ruggedness and reliability.

Richardson Electronics,
LaFox, IL (630) 208-2200,

Power Dividers and Combiners

The DCB-1020 series is an in phase power divider/combiner that offers high isolation, small size and good performance in a single package. These two-, three- and four-way dividers/ combiners operate in a frequency range from 1 to 2 GHz, with a minimum isolation of 19 or 20 dB minimum. All microstrip and stripline power dividers typically pass DC on all ports. These units utilize microstrip construction with blocking capacitors on all ports except those that are intended to pass DC.

RLC Electronics Inc.,
Mount Kisco, NY (914) 241-1334,

Analog to Digital Converter

The model RAD004 is a 6 bit 4 GS/s analog to digital converter that delivers a high sampling rate. This performance provides significant benefits to developers of a variety of applications such as automated test equipment, high performance oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers and other applications. The RAD004 is usable in the 1st and 2nd Nyquist band, and can capture signals from DC to 4 GHz. Better than 4 ENOB is obtained over the entire bandwidth when clocked at 4 GHz.

Rockwell Scientific Co.,
Thousand Oaks, CA (805) 373-4545,

High Frequency Circuit Material

The RO4450B™ series high frequency circuit material is a glass-reinforced hydrocarbon/ ceramic thermoset bondply designed for performance-sensitive, multi-layer printed circuit boards. These bondplys are designed to offer good high frequency performance and low cost circuit fabrication. The result is a low loss material, which can be fabricated using standard epoxy/glass (FR4) processes. The RO4450B-dx is a high fill/flow version of the industry-standard RO4450B bondply. It is designed to fill those high density designs while still offering thin dielectric spacing.

Rogers Corp.,
Rogers, CT (480) 961-1382,

Signal Source Analyzer

The FSUP is a signal source analyzer that combines the functionality of the high end spectrum analyzer FSU with the advantages of a pure phase noise tester with low noise DC sources, enabling a user to perform a wide range of measurements. In this single unit, a user can measure phase noise, tuning steepness, transient response, power harmonics and spurious emissions.

Rohde & Schwarz,
Columbia, MD (888) 837-8772,

Vector Network Analyzers

The ZVA family of vector network analyzers offers a balance between measurement speed, dynamic range, flexibility and precision, making them ideal for present and future measurement tasks. The fundamental mixing concept employed by the analyzer’s receivers ensures high sensitivity and a wide dynamic range. Fast synthesizers make for short measurement times. Its characteristics include new functionality, sophisticated GUI and high flexibility that make the ZVA an indispensable tool for demanding measurement tasks in labs and production.

Rohde & Schwarz Inc.,
Columbia, MD (888) 837-8772,

Cable Assemblies

The RG402/RG405 are quick turn, hand formable cable assemblies that feature VSWR better than 1.20. These hand formable cable assemblies offer anti-torque SMA straight plugs, but other connectors are available. Also released are new low loss, flexible test cables, which feature stainless steel SMA plugs. These test cables feature VSWR of 1.20 through 18 GHz. Prices beginning at $9.95 each at 500 pieces, with delivery in as little as five business days.

San-tron Inc.,
Ipswich, MA (978) 356-1585,

Radio Link Design Software

HERALD 3.1 is the latest release of the company’s Radio Link Design Software and a welcome addition to the Noble CD Library of Training and Software. This versatile and well-supported simulation tool runs on Windows. It features point-to-point (multi-hop) microwave links and networks, working in the frequency range from 0.4 to 58 GHz.

SciTech Publishing Inc.,
Raleigh, NC (919) 847-2434,

Coaxial Cables

The HP180 coaxial cable has been paired with a proprietary 3.5 mm stainless steel connector design to deliver low loss at a rated frequency of 32 GHz. The HP cable series is durable cable for communication, test and military/aerospace microwave frequency applications where compliance to tight electrical specifications and/or exposure to extreme environmental conditions are required. HP cable is also available with polyurethane jacketing, which adds substantially improved flexibility and abrasion resistance for applications from –65° to +85°C.

Semflex Inc.,
Mesa, AZ (480) 985-9000,

Temperature/Humidity Chambers

These temperature/humidity chambers are referred to as the Sigma Humidity Solution. The Sigma Humidity Solution concept incorporates a proven, patent pending design that humidifies air from the chamber with treated water and returns it at chamber temperature. By avoiding the steam injection and water spray methods typically used, condensation is greatly minimized, temperature fluctuations are reduced, and temp/humidity transitions are smoother and more accurate, all resulting in reduced test times.

Sigma Systems Corp.,
El Cajon, CA (619) 258-3700,

2 W Linear Power Amplifier

The model SZM-3066Z is a 2 W linear power amplifier that utilizes InGaP HBT technology and operates over the full 3.3 to 3.8 GHz frequency range. Features include: adjustable on-chip, active-bias circuit, a single +5 VDC supply, gain = 34 dB, +26 dBm of linear power at 2.5 percent EVM, power up/power down control, and an on-chip power detector. It is an ideal RF amplifier solution for WiMAX applications, and is housed in a low cost, surface-mount 6×6 QFN package.

Sirenza Microdevices,
Broomfield, CO (303) 327-3030,

5 GHz Direct Demodulator

The model SKY73013 is a direct quadrature demodulator with integrated LNA for the 5 GHz band. This model offers good quadrature accuracy performance, noise figure and linearity specifications making the device ideal for even the most difficult modulation formats, including 64-quadrature amplitude modulation orthogonal frequency division multiplexing. The internal “no-pull” architecture offsets the voltage-controlled oscillator from the carrier frequency by a factor of 3/2. This demodulator operates from 4.9 to 5.925 GHz, has a 6 dB noise figure, and input 1 dB compression point of –15 dBm. Size: 4 × 4 × 0.9 mm.

Skyworks Solutions Inc.,
Woburn, MA (781) 376-3000,

High Frequency EM Simulation

These best-in-class 3D planar electromagnetic simulation tools are designed for high frequency designers around the world. New features will be introduced in the highly anticipated Sonnet Suites Professional Release 11 slated for release this fall. These tools achieve an unparalleled accuracy when attaching surface-mount devices to an EM project and are setting the standard in EM interfacing capabilities with the new Ebridge interface to the Agilent ADS.

Sonnet Software Inc.,
North Syracuse, NY (315) 453-3096,

Microwave Contacts

These SSBP microwave contacts provide broad bandwidth through 65+ GHz while drastically reducing packaging space. Using standard plastic insertion/extraction tools, versions of SSBP contacts fit in Size 20 contact cavities for D-Sub (M24308), Micro-D (special contact arrangements in M83513 housings) and D38999 connectors. These SSBP microwave contacts provide high density packaging, increased signal integrity, improved system reliability and assembly cost reduction.

Southwest Microwave Inc.,
Tempe, AZ (480) 783-0201,

High Power Isolator/Circulator

This ETI isolator series is designed to handle high power and high performance applications. This device covers a frequency range from 2 to 2.20 GHz with a power rating of 250 W/fwd and 125 W/rev. This series offers an insertion loss of 0.15 dB (typical 0.12 dB), VSWR of 1:15 maximum and IMD < –82 dBc at 2 × 40 W tones. This device is available in both an isolator and a circulator version. The isolator size is 0.75" × 1" × 0.30" and circulator size is 0.75" × 0.75" × 0.30".

Star Microwave Inc.,
San Jose, CA (408) 286-6994,

Chip Resistors

These miniature, high reliability chip resistors are available in both thick and thin film designs. The resistors range in size from 0202 (0.020" × 0.020") to 0603 (0.060 × 0.030"), with tolerances from 0.1 percent, power ratings from 20 to 200 mW, temperature coefficients of resistance as low as 25 ppm and voltage ratings from 15 to 50 V. The operating range for these resistors is from –55° to +125°C. A full range of termination styles and termination finishes are available. Price: < $1.00. Delivery: two days ARO.

State of the Art Inc.,
State College, PA (814) 458-3401,

Airborne K-band Data Link

This K- to L-band half duplex transceiver is enclosed in a fully hermetic aluminum housing, measuring approximately 5" × 4" × 0.7", weighing less than 13 ounces, with integrated low phase noise and stable synthesized LO sources. Downconverter offers 10 dB of gain with 10 dB of selectable attenuation, in 0.25 dB steps, controlled via serial interface. Upconverter uses automatic level control (ALC) circuitry to maintain a fixed output power while the input can vary to 15 dB. Output is also –70 dBc spurious-free from DC to 40 GHz.

STC Microwave Systems Inc., a Crane Aerospace and Electronics company,
Chandler, AZ (480) 961-6269,

Miniature Flexible Cable

A 0.160" diameter cable is being added to the Storm Flex™ line of miniature flexible cables, which currently includes both 0.055" and 0.096" diameter cables. For applications that call for electrical performance typical of 0.047", 0.086" or 0.141" semi-rigid assemblies and reduced development costs, the Storm Flex line offers a classic option. These durable, performance tested cables are designed to fit standard 0.047", 0.086" and 0.141" semi-rigid connectors, eliminating costs associated with time-consuming semi-rigid cable layout.

Storm Products–Microwave,
Woodridge, IL (630) 754-3300,

Automated Calibration Software

SussCal® Professional is an advanced, automated calibration software for accurate 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-port RF and microwave measurements. SussCal Professional software includes the LRM+™ calibration method, which provides the most accurate on-wafer calibration up to 110 GHz and beyond. In addition, SussCal Professional includes powerful tools such as SussView™ for visualizing results, AccuraCV™ for optimized RF/CV measurements and the SubstrateNavigator™ for easily navigating the calibration substrates. For a powerful manual calibration solution, SUSS has introduced SussCal Lite.

SUSS MicroTec Inc.,
Waterbury Center, VT (802) 244-5181,

Off-line Analysis Software

RSAVu off-line analysis software allows customers to acquire signals using a real-time spectrum analyzer (RSA) and then analyze the captured information offline on a PC. The real-time spectrum analyzers have been designed to aid customers working with digital RF applications including software defined radios that use complex modulation techniques, radar with its time-varying and pulsed RF signals, and RFID that makes use of momentary communication links. The PC-based RSAVu software can provide the same analysis capabilities as exist on the customer’s real-time spectrum analyzer. Customers are able to capture files on one RSA instrument and share these with multiple PC users for off-line analysis.

Tektronix Inc.,
Beaverton, OR (800) 835-9433,

Voltage-controlled Oscillators

The DCYR (distributed coupled YIG replacement oscillator) series of multi-coupled slow-wave (MCSW) planar-coupled resonator technology is designed for voltage-controlled oscillators (VCO). This series covers the frequency range of 250 to 6000 MHz in several models tuning an octave bandwidth and higher-than-octave. The housing is industry-standard surface-mount packaging (0.75 × 0.75" and 0.5 × 0.5"), RoHS compliant. These VCOs can serve as a direct substitute for low noise signal source for microwave communications, test and measurement equipment, radar, local multipoint-distribution systems (LMDS), and multi-channel multipoint-distribution systems (MMDS).

Synergy Microwave Corp.,
Paterson, NJ (973) 881-8800,

Flexible Laminates and Bonding Materials

HyRelex is a family of low loss, high reliability, flexible laminates and bonding materials. It is constructed with the benefits of reinforced high temperature polymer chemistry to provide good thermal, mechanical, electrical and moisture resistant properties. HyRelex is a good value for the high performance demands of flexible applications. The low dissipation factor, thermal stability and smooth surface profile minimize phase shift with frequency and temperature, and yield good low loss circuit performance. HyRelex is ideally suited for high frequency, high temperature and harsh environment applications.

Taconic Advanced Dielectric Division,
Petersburgh, NY (518) 658-3202,

Measurement and Characterization Services

TARGET is a network of excellence of 49 academic and industrial partners that are active Europe-wide in the fields of microwave power amplifier research and production. To let industry and academia outside TARGET benefit of its characterization capabilities it offers measurement and fabrication services in organized virtual labs: a virtual lab is dedicated to a certain measurement or fabrication topic and comprises different labs participating in TARGET.

Vienna, Austria +43 (0) 1 505 28 30-0,

Components and Capabilities

These components and full first-level integration capabilities provide customer-specified integrations of analog and mixed analog-digital designs, including hybrid, MMIC and mixed hybrid-MMIC configurations for military, space and performance-targeted applications. Products include I/Q demodulators, coupled detector assemblies, switched amplifier detector assemblies and multi-band VCOs. The integrated assemblies control schedule and cost risks, and reduce component interface difficulties.

Teledyne Cougar,
Sunnyvale, CA (408) 522-3838,

RF Connector

This RF connector features a built-in bandpass filter with six different bandwidths at a center frequency (Fo) between 45 to 2600 MHz. This connector is ideal for use in cellular phones for GSM 1800, AMPS 2000, PDC, WLAN, WiMAX and GPS. Lead-time: 14 days. This connector is suitable for mobile, outdoor, tower systems, laboratories, work plants, RF engineers and students.

Temwell Corp./Temstron Co. Ltd.,
Taipei, Taiwan 886-2-25652500,

Coaxial Surge Suppressors

These high performance surge suppressors with gas discharge tubes are offered in two series. One series includes a 2.5 GHz device with an IP 67 rating that is suitable for outdoor use. It can carry loads of up to 300 W and can handle discharge currents of 40 kA. Various designs with DC spark-over voltages from 75 to 1000 V are available. Designs featuring N or 7/16 Din interfaces are available. The other type is a 6 GHz compact device suitable for WLAN applications. It is designed to withstand discharge currents of 10 kV maximum. Designs featuring SMA and R-SMA interfaces are also available.

Telegartner Inc.,
Franklin Park, IL (630) 616-7600,

Solid-state Power Controllers

These DC solid-state power controllers (SSPC) are designed to replace conventional electromechanical circuit breakers in certain applications, thus reducing component count, system weight and cost, while increasing system reliability. The PC150 solid-state power controllers switch, monitor, report status and provide circuit protection for circuits from 2 to 25 amps within the voltage limits and conditions specified in MIL-STD-1275. These SSPCs feature current flow status, load voltage status, trip status signals and builtin transient suppression. Size: 2.74" × 1.34" × 0.370", plus an additional 0.24" for pin depth. Price: $500.00 each (500). Delivery: 12 to 14 weeks.

Teledyne Relays,
Hawthorne, CA (800) 284-7007,

Flexible Microwave Coax

This ultra low loss, flexible microwave coax product line is designed for the microwave and automated test equipment industries. The product line incorporates a patented dual monofilament technology, which can yield an effective dielectric constant of 1.3, and a propagation velocity of 88 percent. The initial release covers two products designed to match the 0.047" and 0.086" diameter of semi-rigid cables, which facilitates the use of a variety of standard connectors. Other attributes of the coax include its flexibility and routability. The cable’s design and tight manufacturing tolerances yield a ±1 ? impedance.

Temp-Flex Cable Inc.,
South Grafton, MA (508) 839-5987,

High Density RF Interconnect

The high density RF interconnect (HDRFI) is a genderless RF interconnect that utilizes an elastomeric interface to achieve a high frequency response of 40 GHz and a tighter packaging footprint. HDRFI is scalable to meet the needs of most design requirements. HDRFI is available in a D-Sub, Mil-Circular, or custom product offering from cable to cable and PCB mount designs along with custom innovative designs.

Tensolite Co.,
Saint Augustine, FL (800) 458-9960,

Components and Subsystems

These millimeter-wave components and subsystems are designed for military and commercial systems worldwide. Products include transceivers, low noise and power amplifiers, frequency multipliers and switches in a core frequency range of 18 to 110 GHz, as well as radio links at 60 and 74 GHz. Fast prototyping services and custom-engineered products ranging from single functions to highly integrated assemblies are provided. Partnered with BTP Systems, the company provides repair and refurbishment services of Mil SATCOM and other military communication and radar systems.

Haverhill, MA (978) 521-7300,

Drop-in Isolators and Circulators

This extended range of X-band packaged dropin and substrate drop-in isolators and circulators combine small size and low mass with high power handling capabilities of 45 W peak or 20 W CW and low loss of 0.2 dB per junction. Options include: multi junction devices, surfacemount designs and integrated power sensors. These designs are being qualified for defense applications such as active arrays.

Thales MESL Ltd.,
Newbridge, Edinburgh, Scotland
0131 333 2000,

Hermetic SMT Packages

These hermetically sealed custom aluminum or aluminum alloy packages feature true surfacemount connections that perform through K-band. This unique approach offers several pin position options and delivers premium VSWR characteristics while ensuring low parasitic inductance. They can be supplied 100 percent hermetically tested and are available in a variety of plating options including nickel, silver or gold. A wide range of solder schedules is available.

Hampstead, NH (603) 329-4050,

MMIC Transceivers

These X- to W-band multi-frequency integrated transceiver (MINT) chips offer an Fo tuning for 11 to 100 GHz applications. VCOs, amplifiers, multipliers and mixers are integrated into one MMIC for radar (Tx, Rx and IFout) or communication (IFin, Tx, Rx and IFout) applications. On-chip reconfigurability of VSWR, amps to multipliers, multiplier to mixers, assures compatibility to most requirements.

TLC Precision Wafer Technology Inc.,
Minneapolis, MN (612) 341-2795,

K-band Power Amplifier

The model TGA4503 is a K-band power amplifier designed for 18, 23 and 26 GHz point-topoint radios. This power amplifier is available as MMIC or packaged. It features on-chip power detection (balanced design), good return loss and a robust passivation overcoat to protect against environmental effects. Key specifications include good TOI performance of 39 dBm, typical gain of 22 dB and P1dB of 29 dBm. P/N as MMIC, model TGA4503, is available in a compact design of 3.5 mm2. Model TGA4503-SM is available in a 4×4 mm2 QFN package. These power amplifiers are 100 percent DC/RF tested on-wafer.

TriQuint Semiconductor Inc.,
Hillsboro, OR (503) 615-9000,

Chip Resistors

The MWR series of microwave/RF termination resistors is designed for operation at frequencies up to 40 GHz. These chip resistors are constructed using the company’s proprietary TaNFilm ® self-passivating thin film resistive element, providing an ultra-stable corrosion-resistant device suitable for use in harsh environments. The series features resistive resistance values of 50 and 75 ? with tolerances down to ±1 percent. The chips offer absolute TCRs to ±25 ppm/°C, noise characteristics of < –20 dB and stray distributed capacitance of less than 0.05 pF.

TT electronics
IRC Advanced Film Division,
Corpus Christi, TX (361) 992-7900,

QFN Plastic Package

UMS has released numerous new products in RoHS compliant standard QFN plastic packaging for applications up to 30 GHz, including a full 24 GHz radar chipset and the CHT4690- QAG attenuator featuring high broadband, linearity and dynamic characteristics. LNAs are now targeting higher power and linearity as shown by the new CHA3666-QAG and CHA3688-QDG. These parts (LNAs, driver amplifiers, mixer, application specific chipsets) are ideal for microwave radio, automotive radars (SRR), V-SAT and military applications.

United Monolithic Semiconductors,
Orsay, France +33 1 69 33 03 08,

Etching and Diffusion Bonding

The company is combining the technologies of its photochemical etching and diffusion bonding to create micro cooling cells and other custom miniature devices to aid in the electronics industry. This capability allows for the production of surface channels and features smaller than 100 µm. No application is too small in size or volume to develop.

VACCO Industries,
South El Monte, CA (626) 443-7121,

Oven-controlled Crystal Oscillators

This series of low noise oven-controlled crystal oscillators (OCXO) is designed for wireless reference applications. With extremely low phase noise (–95 dBc at 10 Hz, –170 dBc at 100 kHz), stability of 0.1 ppm over –40° to +85°C, a frequency range of 25 to 100 MHz and a compact package (25.4 × 22 mm), this family of OCXOs offers a compelling cost-effective solution to the communications infrastructure market.

Valpey Fisher Corp.,
Hopkinton, MA (508) 435-6831,

RF/Microwave Integrated Software

CONCERTO v6, the new version of its integrated software for RF and microwave design, now includes the C o n f o r m i n g FDTD analysis, Moment Method analysis and Finite Element analysis modules, all running within a single environment. New features are available in each of the modules, as well as enhancements to the shared Geometric Modeler.

Vector Fields Inc.,
Aurora, IL (630) 851-1734,

YIG-based Synthesizer

The Hammerhead family of YIG-based frequency synthesizers meets the demanding requirements of high data-rate digital radios, satellite communications systems, fast switching radar and sensor systems that must be tunable over wide frequency ranges and secure military communications systems. The company’s patented technologies provide the broad tuning bandwidth, spectral purity, extended temperature performance, microphonic and phase hit resistance, and ultra low phase noise performance required by next generation commercial and military systems.

VIDA Products Inc.,
Santa Rosa, CA (707) 541-7000,

1.4 to 1.5 THz Frequency Extension Module

This 1.4 to 1.5 THz frequency extension module is an all-solid-state design that produces approximately 10 to 30 µW of CW RF output power over the 1.4 to 1.5 THz band. The customer RF input is a p p r o x i m a t e l y 14.5 to 15.5 GHz with an 18 dBm power level. The system includes an integrated RF output feedhorn and simple bias system.

Virginia Diodes Inc.,
Charlottesville, VA (434) 297-3257,

3 dB Quadrature Combiner/Divider

This newly patented 3 dB quadrature coupler technology provides quadrature combining with 10:1 bandwidth capability. The model QH7349 is available connectorized and non-connectorized. This combiner/divider offers an insertion loss that measures 0.5 dB maximum, VSWR of 1.35 maximum, isolation of 18 dB minimum and amplitude balance of ±0.6 dB maximum. The divider/combiner operates in a frequency range from 100 to 1000 MHz. Size: 4.6" × 1.7" × 0.31".

Werlatone Inc.,
Brewster, NY (845) 279-6187,

Cable Assemblies

EYE-OPENER® DensiShield cable assemblies are designed to transmit high speed differential signals while reducing size and weight by 40 percent over other high speed cabling products currently on the market. Built with FCI DensiShield connectors, the cable assemblies utilize a wafer structure where each pair is shielded to lower cross-talk within the connector. Paired with lightweight cabling options, the cable is a smaller, more compact option to InfiniBand,™ CX4 and other high speed cabling products.

W.L. Gore & Associates Inc.,
Elkton, MD (302) 292-5100,

Doppler Ranging Sensor Heads

The SRU series of ranging sensor heads is designed for long range distance detection where the sensitivity is essential. These ranging sensors are used for moving target distance detection. Four configurations are offered for special applications. The single channel versions are used for speed and distance sensing only while dual-channel versions are offered for speed, distance and direction sensing. In addition, dual antenna versions are offered for high power versions to eliminate the limited Tx/Rx isolation problems due to the diplexer.

WiseWave Technologies Inc.,
Torrance, CA (310) 539-8882,

Coaxial Resonator Oscillator

The model CRO1877A-LF is an RoHS compliant coaxial resonator based voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) that operates in a frequency range from 1835 to 1920 MHz. This model offers phase noise performance of –111 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset from the carrier. This unique design offers good tuning linearity with a typical tuning sensitivity of 22 MHz/V and covers the entire band between 0.5 to 4.5 V. This model offers low pulling of < 0.5 MHz/V and pushing of < 0.5 MHz, which makes it an ideal choice for applications where signal stability, tuning linearity and low phase noise are critical. Size: 0.50" × 0.50" × 0.22". Price: $29.95/VCO (5 pcs min). Delivery: stock to four weeks.

Z-Communications Inc.,
San Diego, CA (858) 621-2700,

High Performance EM Simulators

These high performance EM simulators are targeted for the design of MMIC, RFIC, RFID, PCB, RF circuits and antennas. The IE3D EM simulator is seamlessly integrated into Cadence Virtuoso, Cadence Allegro and AWR Microwave Office to improve designers’ productivity. The recent release of IE3D fullwave accelerated simulation technology algorithm (FASTA) offers fast and reliable fullwave results.

Zeland Software Inc.,
Fremont, CA (510) 623-7162,