Analog Devices Inc. (ADI), a global leader in high performance semiconductors for signal processing applications, is demonstrating its high performance signal processing technologies at MILCOM 2011, the premier international conference for military communications being held November 7 to 10 in the Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, MD. In Booth 1304, ADI will demonstrate its most recent innovations in high speed data converters, RF ICs (integrated circuits), high performance MEMS gyroscopes and high performance MEMS inertial measurement units.

The company will have a range of demonstrations representing industry-leading innovations in the areas of wideband receivers, RF and MEMS inertial sensors that drive emerging defense and avionic applications.

• Wideband Receivers: The high performance wideband receiver system demonstration highlights wideband circuit performance bandwidth of 340 MHz with an SNR performance of 74 dB @ 120 MHz

• RF Digital-to-Analog Converters: The RF DAC demonstration illustrates direct RF synthesis at 2.5 GSPS with a single device, enabling system size, weight and power reductions while increasing flexibility and reducing system complexity.

• MEMS inertial sensors: The MEMS tactical grade inertial sensor demonstrations feature an iSensor® 10 degree-of-freedom MEMS inertial measurement unit and iSensor MEMS gyroscopes that rival the performance of fiber optic gyros. Both high performance sensors provide the most stable performance available for platform stabilization and navigational applications

• High Performance RF ICs: The RF IC demonstration features a recently announced 18 GHz Integer-N PLL synthesizer, as well as wideband passive RF Mixers with tunable Balun and IF Filter and an Ultra Wideband PLL with integrated high performance VCO. These new high performance RF ICs offer greater integration and higher performance.

As a preferred supplier to the Department of Defense and other US and foreign defense agencies, ADI provides high performance ICs that meet rigorous environmental and reliability specifications defense, commercial avionics and space markets all require. ADI’s products sold in this market are specifically tested versions of products derived from our standard product offerings. Customer products include: navigation systems, radar systems, space and satellite communications and security devices.