ISCO International has introduced ProView™, a new spectrum monitoring and analysis tool that goes well beyond providing “mere data” to give 3G or 4G network operators truly actionable information regarding the condition of their wireless spectrum.

Conditioning the RF physical layer lies at the heart of network optimization, which enables maximum utilization of an operator’s available spectrum. Maximizing spectrum in turn effectively recovers or preserves capacity otherwise lost to many types of interference. Spectrum conditioning therefore represents an increasingly viable option to enable more wireless traffic and important benefits such as fewer dropped calls, faster data transfer rates and lower network operating costs. It can also delay capital expenditures by getting more capacity from the existing radio network.

As part of the spectrum conditioning process, ProView provides a number of reports for interference analysis, including: a summary of cell site interference activity, a top ten report based on events or total interference duration, interference trend analysis per channel or per carrier and a waterfall report with interference amplitude. Reports are available per individual RF path or on an aggregate basis across all sectors.

“Service providers already have volumes of data, the value of ProView lies in providing new useful spectral information not currently available to help them diagnose and resolve an interference issue more rapidly and operate their networks more efficiently,” said Gordon Reichard, CEO of ISCO Intl. “With spectrum now at even more of a premium, carriers need more sophisticated tools to support the network optimization process.”

ProView is a scalable server based architecture able to operate on a single server to start, located locally or hosted remotely. For smaller deployments, a single preconfigured server runs the ProView application and the SQL data base. For bigger deployments, the architecture supports seamless migration to a dedicated ProView server with access to distributed data base servers.

For customers with IP connected ISCO dANF and Proteus spectrum conditioning units already deployed, ProView provides the the ability to easily configuring, monitoring and checking current status of the devices in addition to analyzing valuable spectral data logged by the units.

ProView is a server-based (Windows Server 2008 and SQL 2008) application accessed via a web-based interface using any standard Internet browser. It supports numerous simultaneously active users logged into the ProView server application and a single ProView server can support up to 1000 devices.

At the 4G World conference and exhibition in Chicago, ISCO will explain the value of spectrum conditioning in detail, as part of the 4G World Solutions Theater series of presentations, on Wednesday, October 26th, from 3:30 to 4:00 PM. In addition, CEO Gordon Reichard will be available for press and analyst briefings Monday through Thursday (October 24th to 27th).