Hittite Microwave Corp., supplier of complete MMIC based solutions for communication and military markets has introduced the HMC829LP6GE , an industry-leading, low noise, wideband, Fractional-N phase-locked-loop (PLL) that features an integrated voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) with a fundamental frequency of 2800 to 4200 MHz, and an integrated VCO output divider (divide by 1/2/4/6.../60/62). These features allow the HMC829LP6GE to generate frequencies from 45 to 1050 MHz, 1400 to 2100 MHz, and 2800 to 4200 MHz. The HMC829LP6GE is ideal for very high data rate radios, DDS replacement, phased array applications, CATV equipment and cellular/4G/WiMAX infrastructure applications.

The HMC829LP6GE also features an integrated phase detector and delta-sigma modulator, which are capable of operating at up to 100 MHz to permit wider loop-bandwidths with excellent spectral performance. The device features industry-leading phase noise and spurious performance across all frequencies to minimize blocker effects and simultaneously improve receiver sensitivity and transmitter spectral purity. The HMC829LP6GE features a superior noise floor of less than -170 dBc/Hz, which makes it ideal as a local oscillator source for RF mixers, as a clock source for high-frequency data converters, or as a tunable reference source for ultra-low spurious applications requiring spurs less than -100 dBc/Hz.

Additional features of the HMC829LP6GE include RF output power control from 0 to 6 dB (2 dB steps), an output mute function, and a delta-sigma modulator Exact Frequency Mode which enables users to generate output frequencies with 0 Hz frequency error. The HMC829LP6GE is housed in a 6 x 6 mm plastic leadless surface-mount package and provides excellent temperature stability over the -40° to +85°C temperature range. Samples and evaluation PC boards for all SMT packaged products are available from stock.