OML Inc. enhances millimeter-wave source modules to address feedback from engineers characterizing the linearity of their devices. In addition, OML is proud to announce the availability of source modules that satisfy the EU Directives on Restriction of Hazardous Substances (popularly known as RoHS compliance). While others seek exemptions, OML innovates by developing the industry’s first eco-friendly source module that satisfies RoHS compliance directives.

When used with modern microwave signal generators, the SxxMS series of source modules will expand frequency coverage to millimeter and sub-millimeter wave outputs in the 50 to 325 GHz range. Without attenuation, source modules are available from OML to 0.5 THz. The supported waveguide bands include: WR-15, WR-12, WR-10, WR-08, WR-06, WR-05, WR-03, and WR-02.2.

With new optional attenuation, mechanical output power control is possible over a 25 dB dynamic range. For reducing output power, the integrated attenuator simplifies setups and improves overall power control when compared to using external components. When controlling output power, the attenuator employs a patented micrometer feature that offers repeatable settings with minimal passband flatness degradation. This power control capability is essential when characterizing the linearity of devices or when avoiding compression (or damage) of sensitive devices.