Understanding Modern Transistors and Diodes

David L. Pulfrey

From GaAs HBTs in cell phones to Si MOSFETs in computers to base stations with LDMOS transistors, Understanding Modern Transistors and Diodes covers the various major semiconductor technologies used in modern electronics. The purpose of this book is to provide a rigorous and digestible theoretical basis from which the understanding of devices of the modern era and of the near future follows naturally. To understand the operation of all these devices and to provide the knowledge base that will enable the reader to understand and even design devices, a solid, physical understanding of semiconductors must be attained. The first part of this book is devoted to this with an emphasis on Quantum Mechanics, as this branch of physics is needed increasingly to understand transistors as they move from the micro- to the nano-realm, and also to understand interactions between electrons and holes and photons in optoelectronic diodes.

After covering the basics, the book moves onto devices focusing on solar cells, LEDs, HBTs, MOSFETs, HJFETs and CMOS. It also covers various applications of transistors for high frequency, memory, high power and low noise. Finally, it covers future technologies with a brief look at cylindrical nanotransistors.

This book is intended for students at the graduate or senior-undergraduate level who are studying electronics, microelectronics or nanoelectronics within the disciplines of electrical and computer engineering, engineering physics or physics. There is sufficient material on basic semiconductor theory and elementary device physics for the book to be appropriate also for a junior-level course on solid-state electronic devices. Additionally, the book contains materials of interest to practitioners and managers in the semiconductor industry. This book is a good single source on device physics and applications for several levels of courses on semiconductor devices as well as practicing industry professionals.

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