RFMD introduces the development of its GaN unmatched power transistor (UPT) family comprised solely of gallium nitride (GaN) transistors. Using an advanced 0.5 μm GaN high electron mobility transistor (HEMT) semiconductor process, these high performance amplifiers show excellent peak drain efficiency and flat gain over a broad frequency range in a single amplifier design. The RF393x family (RF3931, RF3932, RF3933, RF3934) consists of 30 to 120 W GaN unmatched power transistors assembled in a two-lead flange ceramic package, which provides excellent thermal stability and is ideally suited for CW and pulsed applications. Ease of integration and tuning is accomplished through the incorporation of simple optimized matching networks external to the package that provide wideband gain and power performance in a single amplifier.

RFMD has defined a GaN production model that best leverages the cost advantages attained by manufacturing in our existing wafer factory—the world’s largest III-V commercial wafer factory—located near RFMD’s corporate headquarters in Greensboro, North Carolina. Commercializing semiconductor processes is an RFMD strength forged with the successful release of the industry’s first GaAs HBT power amplifier for the high volume cellular handset market. Applying that knowledge to the development of gallium nitride (GaN) transistors for the wireless infrastructure, commercial and military markets is an RFMD competency.

Applications include: broadcast; general purpose broadband amplifiers; cellular wireless infrastructure; high power radars; public mobile radio; military and aerospace; and industrial/scientific/medical.

Features include: high power density > 6 W/mm; advanced 0.5 μm GaN HEMT process; 48 V bias operation; high gain > 14 dB at 2.1 GHz; high peak drain efficiency > 65 percent at 2.1 GHz; advanced heat sink package technology; ESD performance of Class 1A HBM, and Class A MM; maximum junction temperature = 200°C for 85°C base plate; and ADS and AWR models available.

For more information, visit https://estore.rfmd.com/RFMD_Onlinestore/Products/RFMD+Parts/PID-P_RF3931.aspx.