Computer Simulation Technology (CST) previews the upcoming version CST STUDIO SUITE™ 2011 including CST’s flagship high frequency simulation software CST MICROWAVE STUDIO, at EuMW, booth # 66.

Engineers who are confronted with electromagnetic problems will benefit from CST’s latest software release, CST STUDIO SUITE version 2011, and its multitude of powerful new features and functionality. The material property descriptions have been enhanced across the entire palette of available solvers. High performance computing options are now also available for the frequency domain and the integral equation solver.

Automatic optimization and sensitivity analysis are key requirements in a highly efficient design flow. Both of the general purpose electromagnetic solvers – time and frequency domain – of CST MICROWAVE STUDIO can provide sensitivity information for an arbitrary number of parameters in just one simulation run. The newly implemented trust region framework in CST STUDIO SUITE 2011 can employ the sensitivity information to cut down optimization time dramatically. Yield analysis for complex three dimensional models is becoming available at virtually no additional computational cost.

The multiphysics flow inside CST STUDIO SUITE 2011 has been further enhanced. Based on one single simulation model the simulation task concept makes optimization, considering electromagnetic, thermal and mechanical aspect feasible. The temperature calculated from the electromagnetic losses can be used to change the material parameters for a consecutive electromagnetic field simulation. CST MPHYSICS STUDIO now also features a thermal solver on tetrahedral grids.

“Our complete technology approach is not limited to provide efficient solutions on component level,” said Bernhard Wagner, Managing Director, Sales and Marketing, CST. “CST is continuously integrating optimal solver technology into a streamlined workflow in order to enable highly complex electromagnetic systems design.”