NMDG is releasing its ultimate tool to collect and visualise measurement sweep plans.

The new NMDG ICEBreaker application provides comprehensive visualisation of measurement data sets for free. For example, the user can analyse the behaviour of its component under multi-harmonic source and load mismatch conditions using source- and load-pull contour plots. Powerful cursors are available to monitor one or more derived quantities for a specific mismatch condition. Moreover, the application allows to compare derived quantities from different measurement data sets on the same graph.

The application can be upgraded to perform generic sweep plans such as DC, power and/or load-pull sweeps, and to collect measurement data in an accurate way, using different types of stimuli and receivers in a coherent way, with or without control loops.

Among others, the application can be upgraded with one of the FSLP options to perform either fast source-pull and/or load-pull characterisation using modern vectorial network analysers to their full power.

S-functions model verification is also offered as an option to apply S-function nonlinear behavioural models to collected measurement datasets and to compare measurements with predictions.

On customer's request, the ICEBreaker application can be quickly extended with customized sweep plans and displays.