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EDI CON Online: A New Approach to Radar Signal Analysis


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8/18/21 11:30 am to 8/18/21 12:30 pm EDT

Event Description

EDI CON Online

Title: A New Approach to Radar Signal Analysis

Date: August 18, 2021

Time: 8:30am PT / 11:30am ET

Sponsored by: Boonton

Presented by: Walt Strickler, VP & General Manager

Secondary surveillance radar (SSR) and Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) radar are essential tools for safe and secure aviation. While the radar systems have evolved, many of the test challenges have remained constant. Depending upon whether one is designing, characterizing, installing, maintaining, or troubleshooting an SSR system, one may have different requirements for testing the radio frequency (RF) transmission. As a result, different instrumentation is often used based on which task is being completed or the same equipment is used throughout requiring users to accept compromises. The former leads to higher equipment costs, the latter inefficiency and lower productivity. This workshop will introduce a new approach to these test challenges where the same test equipment can be used throughout, without the compromises.

Presenter Bio:
Walt Strickler is VP and General Manager of Boonton Electronics, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Wireless Telecom Group. He is a seasoned veteran of the test and measurement industry with previous experience at Anritsu, Giga-tronics, Bird Technologies, and Keithley Instruments. Prior to that, Walt worked at the NASA Glenn Research Center focused on microwave communications. Walt has a BSEE and an MBA.

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