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Contact: Bryan Walker
Title: Sales & Marketing Manager
Phone: (317) 887-1340
Fax: (317) 881-6790


JFW Industries Inc.
5134 Commerce Square Drive
Indianapolis IN 46237
United States

JFW Industries is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of RF Attenuators and RF Switches. Our attenuators, terminations, switches, power dividers, complete RF test systems and matrix switches are used for OEM and laboratory applications in the Wireless, Public Safety, Aerospace and Defense industries. Visit our website at www.jfwindustries.com to see the thousands of existing, off-the-shelf models that are available or to learn more about our unique custom capabilities. JFW specializes in customizing many of our RF components or test systems for specific applications with no NRE charges (No Non-Recurring Engineering Fees!). There are no obligations to receive a quote. So, send us your specifications today.   




JFW’s latest solid-state switch allows you to hot switch up to 100-Watts of continuous RF power.
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The 50S-1530 is a 1P2T solid-state switch capable of handling 50-Watts of RF power from 20-2500 MHz.
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JFW’s 75P-033 is a 75-Ohm programmable attenuator with 127 dB of range and 1 dB resolution.
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50PA-365 Handover Test Systems

JFW’s Handover Test Systems are specifically designed for proving wireless device performance at the network level. Each system is customizable to accommodate any number of mobile devices or base stations.
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