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The APITech Insights blog from experts in the fields of EMI/EMC, EW, Space, RF/Microwave Hardware, Integrated Microwave Assembly, and other areas.

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Digital Beamforming Trends For Satellite Applications

The emergence and rapid development of active antenna systems for terrestrial communications has also spurred development of highly integrated and capable digital beamforming (DBF) solutions for satellite applications. Read about this new development.

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Digitization of Satellite RF Systems

The past several years have seen wide upheaval in the space communication sector, from satellite payloads to ground station technology. This renaissance of space communications has largely been a shift from the five-decade-long approach of highly dedicated satellite communication and ground station technology to increased digitization and virtualization. A key aspect of this transformation is the digitization of satellite RF systems to yield more compact, lower weight, more configurable, and lower cost. Learn about this evolving trend.

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