Articles by Reactel Inc.

Multifunction Assemblies

SFB - MFAReactel has a broad line of multifunction assemblies ranging from amplified filters and multiplexers to switched filter banks with up to 16 channels. You can place your trust in Reactel's over 35 years of experience in the design and manufacture of multifunction assemblies with Reactel to create an application specific assembly which will be the best combination of specifications, pricing and delivery.

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IF Band Pass Filter: 4C10-70-0.4N11

6R10-434-X7-N11 - no rulerThis extremely narrow band IF band pass filter is centered at 70 MHz with a 3 dB bandwidth of only 450 kHz.  This unit offers 40 dB of unwanted signal attenuation only 1.2 MHz away from the center frequency and can be fitted with most any RF connector required. Reactel manufactures a wide variety of filters, multiplexers and multifunction assemblies.

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Cavity GPS Bandpass Filter with DC Path: 8RX7-1411.5-X389N21

cavity 2This filter has a pass band of 1217 to 1606 MHz passing GPS L1 and L2 frequencies while rejecting extremely close-in Iridium and TACAN 123X signals.  Utilizing a unique approach to achieve these specs, this filter exhibits low pass band loss and a high level of unwanted signal attenuation all while offering a DC thru path via the center conductor of the RF connector pins.

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