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Selecting the Right 3D EM Solver for Periodic Antenna Arrays

This article goes through the most popular electromagnetic solvers for periodic structures, describing their optimal use cases, advantages and disadvantages. As a practical example, a 4x4 mmWave cavity antenna array is simulated using a Time Domain Solver, Direct Frequency Domain Solver and Domain Decomposition Solver. The goal is to compare the available 3D solvers and find the most optimal settings for simulations of periodic structures.

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Altair Simulation 2022 Released

Altair announced the release of its latest simulation solutions, which focus on next-generation connectivity, architecture, engineering and construction, as well as  a myriad of updates to Altair’s traditional solutions. 

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Ansys Open Source

Ansys Releases Software Into Open Source

PyAnsys, a family of Python packages is now available

It may have gone somewhat unnoticed but for the first time ever, Ansys released software into the open source late last year. The software is PyAnsys, a family of Python packages providing a new, unified programmable interface to the company’s proprietary simulation stack. Learn more about this development.

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