Instrumentation amplifiers

QuinStar Technologies Inc. of Torrance, CA announces the release of the QAI family of Instrumentation Amplifiersin the millimeter wave frequency range based on the most advanced device and circuit integration technology.These amplifiers can be designed to operate over a wide band or over relatively narrow band with an exceptionally high power level. Our customers have used them for applications as diverse as plasma diagnostic, medical research, communication and remote sensing.

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Broadband amplifier

Recently released ultra-broadband amplifier offering low noise figures, good gain flatness, and output power. Model MSH-6492401 operates on 1.0-10 GHz with 28dB gain, noise figure of 2.5dB, +20.0 Min Pout (1dBm), VSWR 2.0:1, and DC Power +12.0V / 300mA. The bandwidth makes this amplifier useful for many applications including ECM instrumentation and test sets. 

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AR introduces new family of 400 MHz solid-state RF amplifiers

AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation has introduced a new family of solid-state RF amplifiers that instantaneously covers the 10 kHz to 400 MHz frequency range with both 200 and 400 W models. The amplifiers are designed to deliver all the power required for applications using MIL-STD, DO 160, and other automotive standards. These models can be used independently or with AR's RF conducted immunity generators when specific tests require higher powers than our standard CI Systems can generate.

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