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Clock Recovery at Gigabit-Per-Second Data Rates

A review of electrial clock recovery techniques when bit rates of data signals in optical communications exceed 1 Gbps
TECHNICAL FEATURE CLOCK RECOVERY AT GIGABIT-PER-SECOND DATA RATES Abstract: Many devices used in high speed optical fiber terminal equipment are microwave electronic circuits. One such device is an electrical clock recovery circuit. Since bit rates of data signals in optical communications exceed 1 Gbps, the clock recovery technique becomes...
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Protection Against Dangerous Lightning Strikes and Their Secondary Effects

Proper lightning protection techniques to channel lightning and prevent the charge from accumulating in the first place
TECHNICAL NOTE PROTECTION AGAINST DANGEROUS LIGHTNING STRIKES AND THEIR SECONDARY EFFECTS Abstract: Traditional methods of lightning protection may actually increase the likelihood of lightning-related damage. The answer to proper lightning protection lies not in channeling lightning, but in preventing the charge from accumulating in the first place. This article...
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Three-Sampler Network Analyzer Calibrations

New calibration methods for three-sample analyzers
TECHNICAL FEATURE THREE-SAMPLER NETWORK ANALYZER CALIBRATIONS DRAGO KOSTEVC AND JOZE MLAKAR University of Ljubljana Ljubljana, Slovenia Calibration is the most important aspect of measurement with a network analyzer. The standard method for network analyzer calibration is short-open-load-through (SOLT) calibration.1 For calibration of four-sampler analyzers, the use of self-calibrating procedures...
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Designing for Power Amplifier Efficiency: Statistical Description of Signals

An exploration of the properties of baseband multicarrier signals
TECHNICAL FEATURE DESIGNING FOR POWER AMPLIFIER EFFICIENCY: STATISTICAL DESCRIPTION OF SIGNALS MICHAL ODYNIEC Agilent Technologies Inc. Santa Clara, CA Multichannel amplifiers have become ubiquitous in modern communications, including cellular, satellite and other wireless systems. While power efficiency is well understood for CW signals, the amplitude of multicarrier signals varies...
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Bluetooth Puts Bite on Mobile Communications

A description of the Bluetooth specification, its implementation and application, and some hurdles to overcome
SPECIAL REPORT BLUETOOTH PUTS BITE ON MOBILE COMMUNICATIONS Abstract: Within a year, devices of all kinds - from laptops and cell phones, to PDAs and household appliances - will be capable of communicating and interoperating with one another using a new wireless networking technology called Bluetooth. Before this happens,...
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Multilayer Prototype and Series Production

A look at multilayer circuit boards, their manufacturing processes and how multilayer prototypes can be quickly fabricated in the lab
TUTORIAL MULTILAYER PROTOTYPE AND SERIES PRODUCTION KLAUS-DIETMAR MULLER LPKF Laser & Electronics AG Garbsen, Germany Multilayers, or multilayer PCBs, are circuit boards made up of several (more than two) electrical layers (copper layers) superimposed on one another. The copper layers are bonded together by resin layers (prepreg). WHAT MANUFACTURING...
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Testing Digital Communications Transmitters and Receivers

Test methods for today's more spectrally efficient communications hardware
TUTORIAL TESTING DIGITAL COMMUNICATIONS TRANSMITTERS AND RECEIVERS HELEN WRIGHT Agilent Technologies Liberty Lake, WA There is a fundamental tradeoff in communication systems. Simple hardware can be used in transmitters and receivers to communicate information. However, this method uses a lot of spectrum, which limits the number of users. Alternatively,...
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New Products

AMPLIFIERS 750 W, Ku-band TWT Amplifier The model VZU-6997AB is a 750 W, compact traveling-wave tube (TWT) amplifier that operates across the 12.75 to 14.5 GHz frequency range. It offers high reliability and efficiency in a compact package, and is ideal for transportable and fixed earth station applications where...
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Around the Circuit

INDUSTRY NEWS SEMX Corp.'s wholly owned subsidiary Polese Co., San Diego, CA, recently acquired the technology and assets of Engelhard Corp.'s electroless gold plating business in Anaheim, CA. Operations will continue in this facility until July, when the business will be relocated to San Diego. Specific terms of the...
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