Hittite Microwave Corp. has launched the first two products in its new Multiplexer (Mux) and Demultiplexer (Demuz) line. The HMC854LC5 4:1 Multiplexer and the HMC855LC5 1:4 Demultiplexer support 28 Gbps data serialization and deserialization, respectively, and are ideal for broadband test & measurement, SONET OC-192 and FPGA interfacing applications.

The HMC854LC5 is a 28 Gbps, 4:1 multiplexer which latches the four differential inputs on a rising edge of the half-rate input clock, which is typically 14 GHz. The HMC854LC5 uses both the rising and falling edges of the half-rate clock to serialize the data. A quarter-rate reference clock output up to 7 GHz is generated on chip and can be used to synchronize the data into the multiplexer. This Multiplexer is DC coupled and supports broadband operation. The HMC854LC5 also exhibits fast rise and fall times of only 16 ps, while providing only 0.2 ps RMS jitter and 4 ps p-p of deterministic jitter. The HMC854LC5 also supports differential and single-ended operation, and may be used as a 4:1 multiplexer of 28 Gbps NRZ data, or alternatively as a 2:1 multiplexer supporting 14 Gbps RZ and NRZ data.

The HMC855LC5 is a 1:4 Demultiplexer designed for 28 Gbps data deserialization. The device uses both the rising and falling edges of the half-rate input clock, typically 14 GHz, to sample the input data in sequence, and latch the data onto the differential outputs. A quarter-rate reference clock output generated on chip can be used to clock the data into other devices. The HMC855LC5 Demultiplexer is DC coupled, supports broadband operation, and exhibits fast rise and fall times of only 22 ps.

The HMC854LC5 and the HMC855LC5 operate from a single -3.3 V supply. All clock and data inputs to these devices may be DC or AC coupled, are CML, and terminated on-chip with 50 Ohms to the positive supply, GND. The differential outputs are source terminated to 50 Ohms and may also be AC or DC coupled. Outputs can be connected directly to a 50 Ohm ground terminated system, or drive devices with CML logic input. The differential output voltage swing of the HMC854LC5 and the HMC855LC5 are programmable via a control pin, which allows for signal loss compensation or signal level optimization.

The HMC854LC5 and the HMC855LC5 complement many of Hittite’s previously released Fiber Optic and High Speed Logic products, are housed in ceramic 5 x 5 mm SMT packages (RoHS compliant), and are specified for operation from -40° to +85°C. Samples and evaluation PC boards are available from stock and can be ordered via the company’s e-commerce site or via direct purchase order.