AWR Corp., a leader in high frequency EDA, announced the commercial release/availability of its 2010 Microwave Office® (MWO) design suite. The 2010 release offers new functionality and tools to increase productivity for high frequency monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC), MIC, RF printed circuit board (PCB) and module designers. Key new features include a range of support for nonlinear behavioral modeling, improved speed in AWR’s multi-rate harmonic balance (MRHB™) technology for the design of complex circuits, iFilter™ synthesis for lumped and distributed filters, and AWR Connected™ for Cadence® Allegro® for import of Cadence PCB layouts into MWO for further analysis and electromagnetic simulation.

Highlights of Microwave Office 2010:

• Nonlinear behavioral modeling support for Agilent's X-parameters®, Mesuro's Cardiff model and more

• MRHB improvements for even faster simulation times

• Linear stability analysis including normalized determinant function and stability envelope measurement

• Connectivity tracer for identifying nets and locating shorts and opens visually

• iFilter (optional) filter synthesis for lumped and distributed filters

• AWR Connected for Cadence Allegro (optional) for importing Cadence PCB layouts for high-frequency circuit and EM analysis