AML Communications Inc., a designer, manufacturer and marketer of microelectronic assemblies for the defense industry, announced it has received a $3.7 M order for integrated microwave assemblies to be deployed in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, also known as UAVs.

AML has developed the assemblies exclusively for this specific UAV program and is the sole source supplier. The assemblies have been previously delivered in production quantities. Delivery is planned to commence as soon as preparations for production are completed and is scheduled at a steady pace during the 12 months thereafter.

The customer, a first tier defense prime contractor, has requested that the name of the program not be disclosed.

“The UAV market represents a growth opportunity for AML. It remains the strategy of AML to identify, develop and deliver products for multi year programs. The UAV contract announced is a part of this strategy,” said Jacob Inbar, AML’s President and CEO. “Going forward, products for a number of new programs are currently being developed or have been developed and are expected to enter the production phase."

“Pentagon reports indicate that unmanned aircraft such as Predators, Global Hawks, Shadows and Ravens fill important military needs in Iraq and Afghanistan, and are forecasted to be an important part of our nation’s military strategy for the foreseeable future,” he continued. “The fact that AML was selected as a sole source provider under this order demonstrates our reputation for high performance and outstanding quality.”