Another laser system from LPKF is taking the stage. With the MicroLine 1000 S the company presents a very compact and cost-effective system for UV-laser cutting of assembled PCBs.

According to Ingo Bretthauer, Chairman of the LPKF Board of Directors, this system reflects the spirit of the time. "The MicroLine 1000 S combines a low entry level price with the highest cutting quality and superior process capabilities," he said. "At the same time it is especially flexible and therefore suited for high manufacturing variance. We are using a laser source which was optimized just for this application."

When it comes to UV-laser cutting of assembled or unassembled PCBs in particular those products offering only limited space will benefit according to LPKF. The UV laser beam can cut right along delicate components or circuit paths without mechanical or thermal interference. The tool less method makes any contour a possibility. Changes to the cutting paths are made via programming the software included with the machine or directly in the CAD software.