In the context of a pilot project, EADS Defence & Security (DS) is to extend the TETRA radio network of Stadtwerke München GmbH (SWM) to include the new TETRA Enhanced Data Service (TEDS) standard for high-speed data transmission. SWM operates the TETRA network itself and offers a wide variety of data-application solutions specifically tailored to the needs of internal and external customers. With currently 31 base stations and 1,200 participants, SWM's TETRA network is one of the largest in Germany.

As the demand for applications requiring high data rates is steadily increasing, the company has decided to introduce TEDS high-speed transmission via the TETRA network using TETRA Release 2. This allows internal customers to control SWM's line repair vehicles via its modern control centre and to automate its medium voltage installations in the 110 kV range. TEDS will also be made available to external customers to support maintenance processes in industrial enterprises.

EADS DS’s Fortecor® TEDS solution enables Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) users to transmit mission-relevant data at top speed. It enables electricity, gas and water supply companies, in particular, to monitor and control their supply networks remotely over a wide area, perform remote meter readouts and use mobile maintenance systems. Thanks to solutions based on Fortecor TEDS, it is possible to run applications with high data rates via EADS’ radio communication network, whilst complying with the strictest communication-related requirements in terms of security, availability and operational reliability.