Teledyne Relays transformed the industry in 1961 by introducing the TO-5 relay. Today, an equally innovative step has been made with the introduction of the Series RF522 relay, a compact, double-pole, double-throw (DPDT), surface-mount latching device for applications up to 10 GHz. The new relay is an extremely small 30 W microwave switch that features higher isolation and lower insertion loss than competitive relays while delivering outstanding reliability and higher power handling capability.

The Series RF522 relays are designed to operate from DC to 10 GHz over a temperature range of –55° to +85°C. Figure 1 shows the relay’s typical measured insertion loss and insertion loss repeatability over its operating frequency range. The relay features a 50 ? characteristic impedance at all RF ports. Switching time for these relays is 5 ms max, including bounce time, and typical intercontact capacitance is 0.13 pF. Figure 2 shows actual across-contact isolation vs. frequency when surface mounted onto a microstrip test board. RF power capabilities are 30, 25 and 20 W CW at 1, 3 and 6 GHz, respectively.

Fig. 1  Typical (a) insertion loss and (b) insertion loss repeatability for the relay mounted on a microstrip test board.

Fig. 2  Typical across-contact isolation.

The relays are available in two nominal coil voltages — 5 and 12 VDC with coil resistances of 25 and 144 ?, respectively. The units are hermetically sealed and designed for surface mounting and employ lead-free construction. The package measures 0.709" × 0.709" × 0.335" (18 × 18 × 8.5 mm). Ground bumps add 0.14" (0.35 mm) to the height. Figure 3 shows the relay’s mechanical layout and pin configuration. With a maximum weight of 0.49 oz., the relays are capable of withstanding 10 g’s vibration, 10 to 2000 Hz, and 20 g’s of 4 ms, half-sine shock. Evaluation test kits are available and complete test and reliability data is supplied.

Fig. 3  Mechanical outline and pin configuration.

Applications for the new miniature relay include test and measurement, military and aerospace, and telecommunications system use. The Series RF522 relays are priced at $80 in large quantities with a delivery lead time of 16 weeks. Additional information may be obtained from the company’s Web site or via e-mail at

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