Radar and Antennas

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MWJ January Puzzler

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4 The repeated switching of frequencies during radio trans-
mission (2 words)
9 A measure of how an electric field affects, and is affected
by, a dielectric medium
14 Radar system that uses the apparent shift in frequency
of an incident wave to measure presence and velocity of a
target (2 words)
15 Automatic Waveform Generator
16 Linear frequency sweep
17 Voltage Standing Wave Radio
18 The ratio of operating to non-operating time for a device
(2 words)
19 Variation in magnitude of a waveform
20 90 degrees out of phase
22 Quadrature Phase Shift Key modulation
24 PAE (3 words)


1 Joint Tactical Radio System
2 DGS (3 words)
3 Type of distributed element filter with band-stop
(notch) characteristics
5 Improvised Explosive Device
6 The vector ratio of voltage to current, the reciprocal of
7 Next generation system for the warfighter which will
enable networked sensors (3 words)
8 Type of polarization when the plane of polarization rotates
in a corkscrew pattern making one complete revolution
during each wavelength
10 An unbalanced transmission line structure consisting of
a ground plane, the dielectric material of the printed circuit
board and a narrow strip on the top side of the circuit board
11 The ratio between the amplitude of the output signal of a
device or circuit compared to the amplitude of its
input signal (2 words)
12 The geometric shape of one period of an electric
signal when it is plotted versus time
13 Energy at integral multiples of the frequency of the fun-
damental signal
21 Direct Digital Synthesis
23 Digital Signal Processor


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