New Horizons in Mobile and Wireless Communications, Volume 1: Radio Interfaces

Ramjee Prasad and Albena Mihovska, Eds.

Based on cutting-edge research projects in the field, this book (part of a comprehensive four-volume series) provides the latest details and covers the most impactful aspects of mobile, wireless and broadband communications development. These books present key systems and enabling technologies in a clear and accessible manner, offering a detailed roadmap of the future evolution of next generation communications. The content of this book covers spectrum-efficient radio interface technologies, modulation and coding, multiple access schemes, smart antennas and related technologies, coverage enhancement through relay-based systems, interference management, and efficient management of radio resources. Other volumes cover Networks, Services and Applications; Reconfigurability; and Ad Hoc Networks.

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RF Front-end: World Class Designs

Janine Sullivan Love, Ed.

Janine Sullivan Love has selected the very best RF design material from the Newnes portfolio and has compiled it into this volume. The result is a book covering the gamut of RF front-end design from antenna and filter design fundamentals to optimized layout techniques with a strong pragmatic emphasis. In addition to specific design techniques and practices, this book also discusses various approaches to solving RF front-end design problems and how to successfully apply theory to actual design tasks. The material has been selected for its timelessness as well as for its relevance to contemporary RF front-end design issues.

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Microwave Engineering: Land & Space Radiocommunications

Gerard Barue

In Microwave Engineering: Land & Space Radiocommunications, find an introduction to the main propagation phenomena vital to the design and planning of any given system type and frequency of operation. This book presents the phenomenon of propagation of electromagnetic waves in frequency bands, wave propagation, antennas, atmospheric and ionospheric influences, terrain influence, and weather conditions and their effect on signal transmission. Practical aspects such as path profiles, link loss budgets, performance predictions, equipment arrangements, and sizing of the required supporting infrastructure to support microwave, space and optical transmission links are covered. This book provides a complete conceptual treatment of securing information and transporting it over a secure network in a manner that does not require a strong mathematical background.

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