AT4 wireless, a leading wireless certification and testing laboratory, has successfully completed certification testing for two new wireless devices from A&D Medical. The company was selected at the end of 2008 by the Continua Health Alliance, an open industry group of technology, healthcare and fitness market leader companies, to develop a fully automated test system that will be used for the Continua Health Alliance certification program, and to provide certification testing services for health and fitness devices based on Continua Health Alliance requirements.

The UA-767PBT-C blood pressure monitor and the UC-321PBT-C weight scale are the first wireless devices of these medical specializations that have demonstrated compliance with the Continua requirements, therefore ensuring interoperability for the transmission of data.

“With the successful certification testing of these two new Bluetooth medical products from A&D, AT4 wireless contributes in increasing the eco-system of interoperable personal health systems, which is the mission of the Continua Health Alliance,” said Jose de la Plaza, Telecommunications Laboratory Manager at AT4 wireless in Malaga, Spain.

“It is part of A&D’s strategy to offer innovative, easy to use and standards-based telehealth products that offer clearly better value to all those we serve,” said Jerry Wang, director of engineering at A&D Medical. “We anticipate that the wide ranging compatibility that this certification allows will encourage the development of advanced and innovative telehealth solutions which will ultimately benefit the patient.”