EADS is to supply the German army with software valued at €23 M for its modern army command and control information system (FüInfoSys Heer), a system designed to equip the army with a comprehensive range of highly mobile battlefield and command-post facilities over the next few years. This is a major step towards enhancing the army’s command strength while satisfying both the new NATO requirements and the German army’s extended range of missions.

The new system will be introduced from 2007 onwards, starting with the army’s active units. It will help to create an integrated control structure encompassing all levels of military command, from the division echelons down to troop level, thus enhancing the army’s capacity for network-centric operations.

The FüInfoSys Heer system represents a major contract for EADS, securing jobs at the EADS Friedrichshafen/Immenstaad site for a long time to come, and upholding core skills in this area of defence technology.