Orbit Technology Group, a leader in advanced Mobile SatCom and Tracking antenna systems for marine, air and railroad applications, is presenting its new and improved OrSat-G antenna at this year's CommunicAsia in Singapore. Building on the success of its venerable predecessor, Orbit's Global-Ku Marine Stabilized Antenna (“OrSat-G”) can support the connectivity requirements of different satellites under any sea conditions worldwide. It is type-approved by the major satellite companies, whose chain of spot-beams enables coverage for ocean-crossing shipping routes.

The enhanced capabilities of OrSat-G are based on Automatic Beam Switching (ABS), Co or Cross Polarization, different power limitations, and Global LNB. Orbit's new OrSat-G provides non-stop Internet connectivity onboard vessels with international routes. Like its predecessor, the OrSat-G continues to distinguish itself through sophisticated and innovative design – simple to operate with plug-and-play architecture and admirable cost-effectiveness throughout its life cycle.

Alongside the OrSat-G, Orbit is introducing two additional new products: the 60cm Ku-Band marine VSAT antenna system and the SatCom innovative solution with a unique RF-tracking algorithm for high-speed trains, compliant with both satellite regulations and train standards.

"With the OrSat-G, Orbit continues to set new benchmarks by introducing innovative products with the highest performance parameters. We build methodically on the success of our existing systems so we can offer our clients continuous connectivity, regardless of the inherent challenges presented by technology, the environment, or the platform," said Avi Cohen, Orbit's President & CEO. "At the same time, we continue to improve on our other defining attributes: quality, reliability, cost-effectiveness and uncompromising customer service."

Some new Fleet Management capabilities have been added to the OrSat-G to allow remote monitoring of vessels’ positioning as well as critical parameters of all systems in a fleet via Google EarthTM. Moreover, a remote backdoor communication link guarantees access to these systems through alternate emergency communication links that might be available on ships. A reliable and flexible Ku-band VSAT system, the OrSat-G stabilized antenna is the optimal platform for Global-Ku as well as regional applications.