Communications & Power Industries Inc. (CPI) has been awarded approximately $3.1 M by Sierra Nevada Corp. to supply integrated microwave assemblies and transmitters for use in the US Navy's AN/APN-245 Automatic Carrier Landing System (ACLS) Beacon. CPI, a subsidiary of CPI International Inc. (CPII), is a provider of microwave, radio frequency, power and control solutions for critical defense, communications, medical, scientific and other applications.

The AN/APN-245 ACLS Beacon is the airborne component of the SPN-46 Automatic Carrier Landing System, and is used onboard F/A-18 E/F and EA-18G Growler aircraft. The radar beacon is necessary for automatic landings aboard a carrier, and the radar products supplied by CPI are vital components of this landing system. Shipments for this award are scheduled to be completed in May 2010, but the AN/APN-245 ACLS Beacon is expected to be a multi-year program. Work on this program will be completed at CPI's Beverly Microwave Division in Beverly, MA.