REDtone has launched East Malaysia’s first WiMAX broadband services powered by Motorola technology. The first phase of the WiMAX network covers Kota Kinabalu business district, enabling high speed Internet access as well as data applications for enterprises.

In an effort to expand its broadband services offerings in East Malaysia, the service provider decided to establish a new network using WiMAX technology that ensures quick deployment at a lower cost compared to fixed line solutions. Motorola is working with REDtone to supply and deploy WiMAX 2.3 GHz equipment at base sites and install customer premises equipment to provide broadband services in major business districts in the first phase of the plan.

Besides providing broadband services to enterprise customers, REDtone is also planning to work with service providers based in Sabah and Sarawak to provide broadband services to the general public. The new WiMAX network will bring additional bandwidth to the areas and improve overall user experiences, generating more business opportunities.

“We selected Motorola for this WiMAX project after a thorough evaluation and several field trials. Motorola has extensive WiMAX experience, its system is easy to set up and requires minimum installation footprint, which in the process helps reduce deployment time and lowers overall operational cost,” said Zainal Amanshah, group chief executive officer of REDtone International Berhad. “We are also impressed by Motorola’s ability to provide advanced features like MIMO-B in a live system. These features will ensure a smooth network upgrade when we need to increase system capacity in the future.”