Symmetricom Inc., a leader in precise time and frequency technologies that accelerate the deployment and enable the management of next generation networks, announced its latest PCI time and frequency processor modules, the bc635PCI-V2 and the GPS referenced bc637PCI-V2, providing precise time and frequency references to host computers and peripheral data acquisition systems. One of the first PCI-based modules to provide a level of timing accuracy to 50 nanoseconds of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), the bus cards also support one of the widest variety of time codes available - over 30 inputs/outputs to choose from. These modules provide very precise time for government, aerospace and financial applications that require tight integration between the application and the host computer.

"Our customers' new applications require greater precision and timing accuracy as well as support for legacy systems," said Paul Skoog, product marketing manager at Symmetricom. "These new PCI-based modules provide this level of accuracy as well as one of the widest ranges of time codes and rate outputs available from any PCI module on the market. Our customers' applications will immediately benefit from the greater accuracy and versatility these new modules provide."

New capabilities of the PCI time and frequency processor modules include:

•GPS Synchronized with 50 Nanosecond Accuracy to UTC – one of the first PCI-based modules to provide this level of timing accuracy

•Extensive Time Code Generation and Translation – IRIG A, B, G, E, IEEE 1344, NASA 36, XR3 or 2137 in both amplitude modulated (AM) and DC level shift formats supported; over 30 input and output time code variations are supported with the ability to do them in parallel between AM and DCLS

•State-of-the-art Periodic Pulse Rate Generator – DDS rate synthesizer capable of < 1 PPS to 100 MPPS is the widest and most flexible found in a PCI-based module

PCI-based timing modules integrate into host computers such as PCs and Sun workstations to provide both accurate time to the CPU as well as synchronized time between computers. This accuracy and synchronization allows for time critical applications such as data acquisition systems or stock trading programs to operate in concert with the precision required.