NEC Electronics Corp. has announced that it will merge its wholly-owned subsidiary, NEC Compound Semiconductor Devices Ltd., back into the parent company, effective April 1, 2006. NEC Compound Semiconductor Devices designs and manufactures RF and wireless semiconductors, components for fiber optic communications, optocouplers and solid-state relays.

In the US and throughout the Western Hemisphere, California Eastern Laboratories (CEL) is NEC's exclusive sales and marketing partner for the products manufactured by NEC Compound Semiconductor Devices. CEL maintains an extensive inventory, provides engineering and applications support, and participates in the design of the NEC Compound Semiconductor Devices' products that specifically target its domestic markets. CEL has sales offices throughout North America, plus a network of independent representatives and distributors.

This merger will not affect the high level of service and support CEL provides for its products. The company will strive to ensure that the changes at NEC are completely transparent to CEL customers.