Company History

R&K Laboratory was founded by Reichiro Kobana in August 1977 and began shipping RF double balanced mixers in late 1978. His mission was to develop unique RF and microwave products for academic and commercial applications in Japan.

R&K Laboratory became R&K Company Limited in February 1980, when it began manufacturing custom products for nuclear fusion PLASMA, Very Long Baseline Interferometry, Magnetic Resonance Imaging systems and Electron Spin Resonance. In 1996 R&K started to ship power amplifiers for PHS base stations in response to the fast-growing wireless communications market in Asia. To date the company has shipped more than 2,110,000 power amplifiers for PHS base stations.

The 8-story main factory was completed in January 2002, with an additional 10-story second factory constructed alongside in August 2004. R&K has a quality management system that operates in accordance with ISO 9001:2000, which was certified by RCJ-QA in February 2007.

Company Today

R&K currently manufactures small RF components as 8-pin packaged and surface-mountable products, connectorized components, broadband power amplifier products and analog phase shifters. It also manufactures a variety of custom products for frequencies ranging from10 kHz to 15 GHz at power levels from 1 mW to 10 kW .

The company was also one of the first to release GaN power amplifiers for communication and EMC applications and now proudly supplies state of the art GaN power amplifiers to the worldwide market. The contribution of this technology is to reduce power consumption and manufacturing cost, especially for broadband high power amplifiers.

R&K continues to develop new products using the latest technology with the aim of shaping the future development of wireless communication and the RF and microwaves industries.

Company Product Categories

R&K’s main product categories are:

• High Power Test Systems

• Broadband High Power Amplifiers

• Surface Mount Components

• Small Signal Amplifiers

• GaAs FET/GaN Amplifiers

Contact Information


721-1 Maeda
Fuji-City, Shizuoka, 416-8577 Japan
Tel: +81-545-31-2600 • Fax: +81-545-31-1600

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Santa Clara, CA 95050
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