3G technology will make it easier for executives to work during their family vacations this summer, according to Novatel Wireless Inc., a provider of wireless broadband access solutions. Executives are increasingly adopting 3G technology for always on broadband connectivity worldwide, relinquishing the need to seek out Wi-Fi hot spots at venues such as coffee shops, travel hubs or rely on hotels for Internet access. In a poll by Rasmussen Reports LLC for Hudson North America, nearly one in four (23 percent) of US workers plan to check in with the office while on vacation. This number increases to 38 percent of managers and 40 percent of entrepreneurs. In a separate on-line poll conducted by Novatel Wireless, 48 percent of executives say they would invest in 3G technology, as it simplifies the need for always having Internet access to a laptop, eliminating the need to search for connectivity, thereby minimizing the amount of time they need to devote to work related activities during vacation time. With the arrival of easy access to 3G networks across the globe, executives can retrieve corporate data stored behind firewalls through a virtual private network (VPN) connection, offering increased security, convenience and productivity which is not offered by coffee shops or hotel Internet access points. 3G users can send and receive e-mails with large attachments, access the Internet and download files at speeds up to 384 kbps. “It is widely accepted that executives often stay in contact with the office and spend time working during a vacation period,” said Peter Leparulo, CEO of Novatel Wireless. “With this in mind, 3G broadband connectivity gives executives the most flexibility so they can maximize the time spent with their families and choose when and where they want to have access to the Internet, or share corporate data via the VPN.”