Agilent Technologies Inc. announced that Finisar, a global leader in fiber optic solutions for high speed networks, has selected Agilent’s Advanced Design System (ADS) software to support the development of its optics products designed for the telecom market. Agilent’s ADS software platform includes the Signal Integrity Design Suite and the Ptolemy system simulator.

“As the technology leader in optical communication networks, we believe it is fundamental to have best-in-class software when creating leading-edge products for our customers,” said Kevin McCallion, director of engineering at Finisar. “We purposely chose Agilent’s EDA software because of its impressive simulation technology and flexible design environment.”

“We are excited that Finisar has selected our ADS software platform for the design of their high performance telecom optics products,” said Sanjeev Gupta, product marketing manager, Agilent’s EEsof EDA division. “The signal integrity design and simulation capabilities within ADS provide a critical toolset that, we believe, will be a huge help in getting our customers’ products to market more quickly.”

Agilent’s ADS is an industry-leading high frequency, high speed electronic design automation software platform. Recent releases of the software include new signal integrity capabilities, such as the addition of serializer/deserializer(SERDES)/Verilog analog mixed-signal co-simulation, for a more complete signal integrity design flow for serial links.

Agilent’s Ptolemy Simulator is a system-level simulator based on a hybrid of synchronous and timed synchronous dataflow technologies. It simplifies the design and simulation of digital (DSP), analog, and mixed-signal based RF systems and circuits, including wireless and wireline receivers, transmitters, modems, cellular phones, and radar. Finisar develops, manufactures and markets an innovative suite of fiber optic components and subsystems utilizing their patented Chirp Managed Directly Modulated Lasers to enable telecommunications equipment manufacturers to provide longer reach optical transmitter solutions at lower cost, better performance and less complexity than those based on externally modulated lasers.