With the award of $36.1 M, Raytheon Co. has won the majority share of US Air Force competitive contracts for Paveway™ II laser guided bomb components for fiscal year 2007. This is the third consecutive Air Force majority share award for Raytheon, setting a benchmark for affordability and performance in the precision-guided weapons market.

The $36.1 M contract calls for Raytheon to provide the Air Force with laser guided bomb computer controlled and air foil groups that transform conventional bombs into precision-guided munitions. The Air Force awarded Raytheon’s Paveway II program the majority of the funding available for the fiscal year 2006 and 2007 laser guided bomb production awards, including the maximum computer control group award allowed under the competitive contract. Raytheon was also awarded the majority share of the Air Force competitive foreign military sales contracts for Paveway II in June 2007.