MI Technologies announced it has received a $9.9 M contract from Lockheed Martin MS2’s Radar Systems business to design and build a radar test and measurement system in support of the Medium Extended Air Defense System (MEADS).

MEADS is a mobile air and missile defense system designed to replace Patriot systems in the United States and Germany and Nike Hercules systems in Italy. Under development by Germany, Italy and the United States, MEADS includes a lightweight launcher, 360-degree fire control and surveillance radars, and plug-and-fight battle management command and control abilities not found in current systems.

Under terms of the contract, MI Technologies will provide a large, spherical, near-field measurement system at Lockheed Martin’s Liverpool, NY facility, which will be used to analyze and characterize a 16' x 16' (4.9 m x 4.9 m) ground-based phased-array antenna. The Lockheed Martin facility is currently performing engineering development work for the new surveillance radar for MEADS. It also will contribute significant software and hardware components of the MEADS Multifunction Fire Control Radar (MFCR).

John Breyer, president and CEO of MI Technologies, said, “Precision test and measurement work on this large scale has become a specialty of MI Technologies. We are very pleased to be selected by Lockheed Martin to provide the measurement system that will deliver the highly accurate characterization and calibration of the next generation of theater and ballistic defense search and acquisition radar systems. After installation Lockheed Martin will have the most advanced large antenna measurement system that is available worldwide. This system will be capable of rapid antenna characterization with a high degree of accuracy. We are proud to be in a position to supply this system to Lockheed Martin.”