Computer Simulation Technology (CST) announced the acquisition of the LINMIC software package, including source code and all IP rights.

LINMIC is an EM-based and layout oriented EDA software package which has been developed since the early 1980s by Rolf Jansen, currently professor at Aachen University of Technology, and further developed and supported by AC Microwave GmbH. The design suite consists of several solver engines for MW+RF/IC linear and non-linear circuits, planar EM, device modelling and coaxial structures, and is known for having robust HF circuit models that are valid for a large frequency range. LINMIC also contains a number of exceptional features such as distributed device modelling and the accurate analysis of high power transistors.

Following its purchase by CST, the LINMIC Suite will no longer be marketed as a stand alone product, but CST will incorporate specific capabilities into CST DESIGN ENVIRONMENT. This supports CST's strategy of creating more options within CST STUDIO SUITE for its large 3D EM customer base.

"AC Microwave has created leading technology, but has insufficient infrastructure to sell and support it worldwide," said Jansen. The principal author of the LINMIC Suite, Rolf Jansen, said, "I am optimistic that CST will do a great job of integrating very valuable pieces of LINMIC into CST DESIGN ENVIRONMENT and I am more than happy to support this process."