Internal Pulse Modulator

This internal pulse modulator, option 025, is designed for the company’s 6800 series of microwave analyzers that operate up to either 18 or 40 GHz. For Aeroflex’s 6810 series of microwave sources, this new option offers sensitivity and range measurements for radar receivers, and tests pulsed amplifiers under pulsed conditions. When fitted to Aeroflex’s 6820 series of microwave scalar analyzers, this option also offers insertion loss, return loss and fault location (distance-to-fault) measurements on radar systems in both coax and waveguide.

Aeroflex Inc.,
Wichita, KS (316) 522-4981,

Booth 111/210
RS 217

Solid-state RF Amplifier

The model SSPA 3.0-4.0-20 is a high power, broadband RF amplifier that operates from 3 to 4 GHz. This PA is ideal for broadband military platforms as well as commercial applications because it is robust and offers high power over a large bandwidth. This amplifier operates with a base plate temperature of 85°C. It is packaged in a modular housing that is approximately 4.5" by 8.0" by 1.0". This amplifier has a typical P1dB of 30 W at room temperature. Saturated output power across the band is typically 32 to 40 W. Noise figure at room temperature is 7 dB typical.

Aethercomm Inc.,
San Marcos, CA (760) 598-4340,

Booth 101/200
RS 218

Fast Signal Analyzer

The EXA signal analyzer is claimed to be the industry’s fastest economy-class signal analyzer. Its speed and accuracy, coupled with its performance and application coverage, provides development and manufacturing engineers with the capabilities to cost-effectively troubleshoot new designs, increase manufacturing throughput, or analyze complex and time-varying signals. It integrates a broad range of standards-based measurements with the company’s 89600 vector signal analysis software, all in a single instrument. As well as using an open Windows® XP Professional operating system, the EXA also provides an advanced signal analysis user interface. All measurement features and functions are intuitively grouped and accessible from the front panel or via a USB keyboard and mouse.

Agilent Technologies Netherlands BV, Amstelveen, The Netherlands
+31 20547 2111,

Booth 908/930
RS 219

Pulsed IV/RF System

This pulsed IV/RF measurement system provides a versatile, robust and accurate system. The robustness of this solution has been tested everyday for more than 10 years and the measurement accuracy is guaranteed. Because accurate measurements are essential, this system makes it possible for the user to visualize the true pulses shape, avoiding measurement errors. Typical pulse widths are about 300 ns for power up to 100 V/2A, coupled with pulsed S2P measurements (10 MHz to 40 GHz).

AMCAD Engineering,
Limoges, France +33 (0)555 040 531,

Booth 212
RS 220

Microwave Signal Generator

The MG37020A is a fast-switching microwave signal generator that provides best-in-class frequency switching speed, which makes it well suited for integration into automated test systems used in both commercial and defense applications. The MG37020A features an enhanced Pulse Modulation Burst Mode for radar interference testing of wireless LAN/MAN dynamic frequency selection (DFS) for regulatory compliance, and an Ultra-Stable Phase Track option to interconnect up to four MG37020A generators for applications requiring multiple test signals.

Anritsu EMEA Ltd.,
Luton, Bedfordshire, UK
(+44) 1582 433433,

Booth 914
RS 221

Acceleration Products

These Accelerator™ and ClusterInABox™ products harness the parallel processing power of GPUs, delivering unrivalled performance to accelerate electromagnetic simulations up to 35x faster. Acceleware integrates with leading applications for antenna design & optimization, printed circuit boards, RF circuits & connectors, head/cell phone modeling/SAR, filter design & optimization, and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

Acceleware Corp.,
Calgary, AB, Canada (403) 249-9099,

Booth 602/604
RS 216

EM Tool

AXIEM,™ AWR’s groundbreaking new EM tool, delivers speed, capacity and accuracy to microwave/RF designers. It provides advancements in meshing technology, solver technology and overall work flow. AXIEM integrates EM analysis for the first time into the front end of the circuit design flow, making it a true design diagnostic tool that enables developers to improve productivity, shorten design cycle time and speed products to market.

Applied Wave Research Inc.,
El Segundo, CA (310) 726-3000,

Booth 912
RS 222

Solid-state Amplifiers

These broadband amplifiers operate in a frequency range from 4 to 8 GHz and include models available in 15, 35, 60, 90 and 120 W. This amplifier family is suitable for wireless test applications and EMC testing for automotive requirements, and also the new IEC 61000-4-3 standard.

AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation, Souderton, PA (215) 723-8181,

Booth 518
RS 223

Pulsed IV/RF Instrument

The new AU4550 Pulsed IV/RF Instrument provides unequalled test accuracy, compact design, and inexpensive options and modular hardware that allow easy, inexpensive upgrading. Pulsed heads set closer to the device-under-test and narrow range pulse heads improve accuracy while a synthetic instrument core eliminates hardware redundancies, reducing the footprint by half, even when fully optioned. The AU4550’s interchangeable pulser heads and LXI-compliancy allow adaptability to scale pulsed IV to pulsed IV/RF while meeting changing industry standards.

Auriga Measurement Systems LLC,
Lowell, MA (978) 441-1117,

Booth 1006
RS 224

Next Generation Amplifiers

The BZ series of next generation amplifiers offers wide bandwidth and low noise figures. The amplifiers fit into one standard housing (as shown). Within the 30 kHz to 70 GHz range, customized power, gain and noise figure combinations are available. With noise temperature of 10 K at cryogenic temperatures, excellent group delay, military specifications and high dynamic range, these RoHS-compliant units may be optimized to achieve up to +30 dBm output power.

B&Z Technologies,
Stony Brook, NY (631) 331-0101,

Booth 844
RS 225


ECCOPAD® MetalTag is a true read on metal UHF RFID tag, is EPC Gen 2 compatible, and has outstanding read range of 8' (2.5 meters) or more when used directly with metal and liquids. This new product is attractively priced starting at $2.00/MetalTag for evaluation quantities, with quantity discounts available, making it a cost-effective solution for high value asset tracking in today’s RFID market. The new small size of the MetalTag (2.5" x 0.625"), a tag and isolator all in one, eliminates the need for larger labels especially for tagging small objects. MetalTag is perfect for small asset tracking applications like laptop computers, tools and electronic components.

Emerson & Cuming Microwave Products, Randolph, MA (781) 961-9600,

Booth 920
RS 232

Amplifier Test Equipment

CAP Wireless introduces its broadband rack-mount and benchtop microwave power amplifier test equipment. Leveraging its Spatium™ amplifier series with CAPLINE™ technology, these solid-state test and measurement products offer a simultaneous combination of bandwidth and power previously unattainable with traditional solid-state or traveling wave tube technology. Several models offer instantaneous frequency coverage from 2 to 20 GHz, with power levels, depending upon bandwidth, to 150 W. Configured for 1 mW drive level, and available with several options, these amplifiers provide test engineers with additional flexibility for EMI/EMC evaluation, signal distribution, component characterization, antenna range and anechoic chamber instrumentation, as well as laboratory use where signal generator power is insufficient.

CAP Wireless,
Newbury Park, CA (805) 499-1818,

Booth 202
RS 226

Calibration Software

The 16-term calibration technique is an important capability that has been recently added to the WinCal XE calibration software to help semiconductor labs reduce design cycles and time to market. Using WinCal XE for on-wafer measurement helps semiconductor manufacturers create more accurate high frequency RF device models. With the explosion of wireless devices, semiconductor companies are under pressure to get high speed products to market faster than ever before. The 16-term calibration eliminates certain undesired measurement parasitic effects, thus enabling more accurate device models and shorter design cycle times.

Cascade Microtech Inc.,
Beaverton, OR (503) 601-1000,

Booth 908/930
RS 227

Spiral Antenna

This spiral antenna series operates in a frequency range from 0.5 to 40 GHz, exhibits an excellent impedance match and radiation pattern control over a broad operating band in a compact, lightweight package, designed to operate in harsh environments. Available in RHCP and LHCP.

Chengdu AINFO Inc.,

Booth 1010
RS 228

EM Software

EM Software and Systems GmbH distributes the programme package FEKO (, a leading CEM code. FEKO is applied to antenna design (3D and planar antennas), antenna placement on large structures, EMC analysis (including cable harness), SAR computation, RCS analysis and other applications. Consultation, studies and projects for the areas electromagnetic compatibility, antennas as well as general application of computational electromagnetics are provided. Special extensions to numerical electromagnetics software according to customer requirements can be developed.

EM Software & Systems GmbH,
Böblingen, Germany
+49 (0)7031 714 5200,

Booth 405
RS 233

CAD Layout Software

HYDE 12.1 is a CAD layout software that supports the editing of simulated RF structures in the context of the complete RF layout. HYDE can also easily combine any number of microstrip components to one embedded part and place it within the substrate. Through this high flexibility, HYDE supports several technologies like PWB, LTCC, hybrid thick/thin film and PCB.

Durst CAD/Consulting GmbH, Holzgerlingen, Germany +49-7031-7472-0,

Booth 313
RS 229

SMA-Q Adapter

This SMA-Q adapter offers a quick and safe connection in push-and-pull technology. The SMA-Q adapter range provides a time-saving adapter for standard SMA connectors. Its special feature is the push-and-pull mechanism that enables a tool-free connection with the measuring device. SMA-Q adapter and SMA connectors are connected by means of a thread. SMA-Q adapters are fully compatible with SMA connectors (MIL-STD 348) and are mainly used for test and measurement purposes requiring a higher packing density. The SMA-Q adapter is made of stainless steel and guaranteed for 500 connecting cycles.

elspec GmbH,
Geretsried, Germany
+49 (0) 8171-4357-0,

Booth 613
RS 230

Gigabit Ethernet Radio Links

The gigabit ElvaLink radio bridge was designed for a wide range of applications such as mobile backhaul, business network, FSO backup, IP network and emergency recovery network. The operating frequencies cover 71 to 76 GHz, 81 to 86 GHz and 92 to 95 GHz. These are FCC licensed bands recently released by the FCC for commercial use in wireless point-to-point communications. ElvaLink PPC-1000 is a full-duplex gigabit point-to-point link especially designed according to FCC requirements. It provides interconnection between remote LAN segments at ultra high speed and utilizes Gigabit Ethernet protocols, which is the evolving standard for switches and routers available from a variety of telecommunication equipment manufacturers.

Riga, Latvia +371-7-065100,

Booth 826
RS 231

ALC Log Amplifiers

These ALC Log Amplifiers™ are designed for use in early warning radar receiver, threat detection equipment, electronic countermeasures and missile guidance systems. A logarithmic amplifier (or “log amplifier," for short) is a specialty amplifier subsystem that is primarily used as an amplitude detector of input signal strength on the front-end of pulsed radar and other wideband electronic warfare systems. As a log amplifier provides an output voltage proportional to the logarithm of its input voltage (which is mathematically equivalent to the input power in dBm), the amplitude information is converted to a more usable format than other linear detection schemes. In pulse radars, log amplifiers allow the system to process signals with narrow pulse widths and large amplitude variations by effectively compressing a large input dynamic range into smaller, more manageable blocks.

Endwave Corp.,
San Jose, CA (408) 522-3100,

Booth 709/711
RS 234

High Linearity Broadband MMIC Amplifier

The model FMA3025SOT89E is a high linearity broadband MMIC amplifier that operates in a frequency range from 250 to 4000 MHz. The FMA3025SOT89E provides a best-in-class combination of noise figure and linearity when compared to alternative competing solutions. Fabricated using high reliability GaAs PHEMT technology this new broadband MMIC is ideally suited for applications where high linearity is required. Features include: high dynamic range, lead-free industry standard SOT-89 package, RoHS-compliant, single 5 V supply, 14 dB gain at 0.9 GHz and 24 dBm P1dB output power at 5 V.

Filtronic Compound Semiconductors, Newton Aycliffe, County Durham, UK
+44 1325 30 306880,

Booth 820
RS 235

PIN Diode Reflective Switch

The model S9L-51-0BX is a 3 W CW SP17T PIN diode switch that operates from 4.5 to 5 GHz. It has 30 dB of isolation with 3 dB insertion loss and a 1.5:1 VSWR. The device is controlled via 5 bits of TTL compatible logic with a switching speed of 1.0 μsec. The unit requires a power supply of +5/–12 VDC at +500/–200 mA of current. The package measures 3.5" x 3.5" x 0.88".

G.T. Microwave Inc.,
Randolph, NJ (973) 361-5700,

Booth 826
RS 236

Microwave Horn Antennas

This comprehensive range of standard 20 dB gain microwave horn antennas can be specified in waveguide sizes from WR-650 to WR-28, covering the frequency range from 1.2 to 40 GHz. Available in a choice of aluminium, copper or brass, the horn antennas have a proven track record in demanding military applications and can be supplied with an extensive choice of waveguide-to-coaxial adapters. As well as the standard range of horns, Link offers a custom design service that enables it to accommodate individual requirements for input type and parameters such as gain, beamwidth and frequency coverage.

Link Microtek Ltd.,
Basingstoke, Hampshire
+44 (0)1256 355771,

Booth 404
RS 242

Foundry Service

Recent mobile phones and wireless communication demand for multi-band, higher frequencies and multi-mode, such as with BT, WLAN, DTV, GPS, etc. have presented new challenges. HIRAI SK Corp. provides the foundry service with high Q, high precision and space, and cost-effective multi-layered LTCC substrates. HIRAI ships samples in a week and provides the design support of embedded passive components and test services up to 67 GHz.

Tokyo, Japan +81-584892394,

Booth 703
RS 237

RMS Power Detector

The HMC610LP4E is an RMS power detector that features best-in-class ±1 dB dynamic range in excess of 70 dB at 900 MHz and is ideally suited for the measurement of complex modulated waveforms with large crest factors. At 2.7 and 3.5 GHz, the HMC610LP4E delivers ±1 dB dynamic ranges of 63 and 46 dB, respectively, with excellent stability of ±0.5 dB error over its –40° to +85°C operating temperature range. The SiGe BiCMOS HMC610LP4E is housed in a 4 x 4 mm QFN package.

Hittite Microwave Corp.,
Chelmsford, MA (978) 250-3343,

Booth 938
RS 238

Laser-based PCB

With the LPKF ProtoLaser 200, precise microwave and RF circuits can be manufactured to exact requirements on almost all substrates, ranging from FR-4 to PTFE. Direct laser structuring is accomplished in just minutes, and without requiring hazardous chemicals. For in-house production of complex prototypes and small series production, LPKF offers the ProtoMat S100. The LPKF ProtoMat S100 is qualified for surface-sensitive and soft and flexible substrates.

LPKF Laser & Electronics AG,
Garbsen, Germany
+49 (0)5131-7095-324,

Booth 836
RS 243

EM Field Solver

The new Empire XCcel™ 5.1 3D EM field solver is now supporting full 32 and 64 bit calculations on Windows XP, Vista and Linux operating systems. A further speed improvement of up to 900 MCell/s has been obtained by smartly exploiting multi-core processor technology. New features, like healing of imported 3D data, improved GUI speed for complex structures and even more efficient memory management, will be presented by IMST engineers at this year’s event.

Kamp-Lintfort, Germany
+49 2842 981 0,

Booth 207
RS 239

Power Amplifier Design Library

The SiGe SBC18 RF power process power amplifier design library (PADL) facilitates power amplifier design. A selection of 10 devices is available with varying compression points (P1dB = 20 to 34 dBm) targeted towards mobile communication and wireless broadband applications. The power cells are modeled and “pre characterized" with multiple modulation formats addressing numerous air interfaces such as WCDMA, CDMA and WiFi 802.11 a/b/g. Excellent linearity vs. efficiency tradeoff can be achieved with margin at nominal bias.

Jazz Semiconductor,
Newport Beach, CA (949) 435-8000,

Booth 924
RS 240

Drop-in Circulators

This series of drop-in circulators is designed for 3.5 and 4.9 GHz WiMAX. These new drop-in circulators measure only 1/2" x 1/2" in size, but cover wide bandwidths of 3.1 to 3.5 GHz, 3.3 to 3.8 GHz and 4.7 to 5.2 GHz, respectively. Typical insertion loss is only 0.35 dB, while isolation and return loss are typically 20 dB.

JQL Electronics,
Buffalo Grove, IL (630) 930-9917,

Booth 121
RS 241

7/16 DIN Loads

This family of 1, 2, 5, 10, 35, 50 and 100 W 7/16 DIN-Male coaxial loads are designed for next generation equipment deployments. Their rugged construction and excellent performance (VSWR of 1.10) across all wireless bands from DC to 6 GHz makes them ideal for base station and RF/microwave lab applications. Made in the USA—36 month warranty. These coaxial loads are available from stock.

MECA Electronics,
Denville, NJ (973) 625-0661,

Booth 100/102
RS 244

EM-software Tool

Version 6.5 of the company’s EM-software tool μWave Wizard™ offers a GUI with an improved modern and more user friendly design. A key new feature is a fast frequency sweep based on adaptive rational function interpolation. This technique enables ‘smooth’ S-parameter plots to be obtained over a broad frequency range with only a few samples being calculated. Another new feature of version 6.5 is the inclusion of finite wall conductivity losses directly into the mode matching method and its derivatives (BCMM), as well as in the 2D FEM method. Furthermore, full 3D visualization of electromagnetic fields and a series of new, flexible elements comprising various types of dielectric resonators have been included.

Mician GmbH,
Bremen, Germany
+49 (421) 16899351,

Booth 300
RS 245

GaAs MMIC Transmitter

The model XU1004-BD is a gallium arsenide (GaAs) monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) transmitter that delivers +14 dBm OIP3 and 5 dB conversion gain with +4 dBm LO drive level. Using 0.15 micron gate length GaAs pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistor (PHEMT) device model technology, the transmitter covers the 32 to 45 GHz frequency bands and includes a balanced resistive mixer followed by a distributed amplifier, an LO doubler and an LO buffer amplifier. This device is well suited for point-to-point radio, LMDS, SATCOM or VSAT applications.

Mimix Broadband Inc.,
Houston, TX (281) 988-4600,

Booth 1004
RS 247

8 to 18 GHz
High Power Amplifier

The model AMF-2B-08001800-80-40P is a connectorized high power amplifier, covering octave bandwidths from 8 to 18 GHz and delivering approximately 3 W of power and 2.5 W from 6 to 18 GHz. In the band of 10 to 15 GHz, it delivers about 7 W of P1dB. The SMA connectorized aluminum housing is 21 x 95 x 60 mm. It is intended for bolting to a flat cooling surface or fins. Housing is environmentally sealed, EMI shielded and a hermetic sealing option is also available. PA includes reverse voltage protection, in addition to full internal regulation. A TTL-control pin is optional.

Hauppauge, NY (631) 436-7400,

Booth 204
RS 248

Fast EM CAD and Optimization Tool

WASP-NET® ends the quest for a new quality of EM CAD and optimization speed. WASP-NET’s pioneering hybrid MM/FE/MoM/FD CAD engine uniquely combines the efficiency and flexibility advantages of four solvers in one single tool. Advanced features include: fast optimization of all types of waveguide components and aperture antennas; full-wave direct synthesis of combline, cross-coupled waveguide and LTCC filters; dielectric loaded horns, shaped subreflectors; large slot arrays; multiprocessor and advanced 64-bit options; and increased speed for designing 3D components, for example, tunable dielectric resonator filters.

Microwave Innovation Group (MiG) GmbH & Co. KG,
Bremen, Germany +49-421-223-79660,

Booth 411
RS 246

ZigBee Solution

μTiny, a miniature ZigBee module based on the Texas instruments CC2430 SoC, is an ideal low cost ZigBee solution for building automation and wireless sensor networks (WSN). The new miniature ZigBee module will be available in Q3 2007. A ZigBee Certified Platform (ZCP) based on the company’s current generation TinyOne ZigBee module, including an in-house ZigBee 2006 stack, is already available for purchase. Being a small-sized SMD component, μTiny occupies only 25 x 15 mm of space and it is about 3 mm high. It has 2 mW output power, –94 dBm sensitivity and it consumes less than 2 μA on stand-by. Soon available with or without an integrated antenna, μTiny offers engineers the optimum choice for low cost ZigBee integration into battery operated applications.

One RF Technology GmbH,
Villach, Austria +43 4242 21234,

Booth 614
RS 249

Crystal Notch Filter

The F9183 is part of OPT’s family of high frequency fundamental mode crystal filters. These include both bandpass and notch type filters. Typical product frequencies are above 100 MHz. The packaging is custom and per customer’s requirements. Features include high reliability, superior power handling performance compared to overtone crystal filters. Typical applications include tactical radio systems, telecommunications filtering for commercial and defense systems.

OPT Hellas SA,
Athens, Greece +30-210-602-5072,

Booth 320
RS 250

Integrated Product Solutions

In addition to a full line of coaxial RF connectors and cable assemblies, Phoenix of Chicago offers unique, custom engineered integrated product solutions. By integrating multiple components such as: resistors, filters, switches and bias tees into convenient connectorized packages, system reliability can be improved in a smaller footprint. One of these products is the ruggedized antenna. Starting with a COTS or proprietary antenna, Phoenix will upgrade it to an antenna suitable for the military and use in harsh environments. This is accomplished by a patented transition between the antenna element and the connector, which compensates for different coefficients of thermal expansion. This is added to both internal and external gaskets, resulting in an antenna that meets IP67 and immersion per MIL-STD-810.

The Phoenix Company of Chicago,
Wood Dale, IL +44 (0) 1582 460032,

Booth 321/420
RS 251

Outdoor Connector

The OutDoor connector (ODC series) is a new Fiber-To-The-Antenna (FTTA) concept. This innovative solution is a fiber optic connection with two or four channels for antenna up and down links between the Remote Radio Unit (RRU) and the Main Unit of the “BTS." In new communication networks (3G and higher generation networks), these multi-mode and single-mode transmission lines allow data to travel at the speed of light with practically no loss. The fast and easy ODC screw-on locking system can withstand harsh environmental conditions and features complete EMI immunity. The ODC series is the ultimate solution for ultra low loss fiber optic links into UMTS networks, WiMAX, W-CDMA, TD-SCDMA, CDMA2000, LTE and many other applications.

Rosny Sous Bois, France
+33 1 49 35 35 35,

Booth 1022
RS 252

Ceramic Filters

RFM offers a broad line of high quality, low cost, small size bandpass filters, duplexers and multi-duplexers. The company’s rigid process control and thorough quality control system ensure perfect performance and reliability. Applications include (400 MHz to 3.8 GHz): AMPS, PCS, GSM, DCS, WLL, DCS, Wi-Fi and WiMAX applications and UMTS/DMB.

RF Morecom Corea,
Gyeunggi-Do, Korea +82-31-455-3823,

Booth 213
RS 253

Antenna Grade Laminates

The RO4500™ antenna grade line of materials extend the capabilities of the RO4000® product series. These RO4500 laminates provide controlled dielectric constant, low loss and excellent passive intermodulation response (PIM), all critical to the wireless infrastructure market. RO4500 substrates are compatible with conventional FR-4 and high temperature lead-free solder processing. Unlike traditional PTFE solutions, they do not require special treatment for plated through-hole preparation, offering design engineers an affordable alternative.

Rogers Corp.,
Rogers, CT (860) 774-9605,

Booth 510/512
RS 254

20 Hz to 67 GHz
Spectrum Analyzer

The R&S FSU67 spectrum analyzer extends the upper frequency limit in spectrum analysis from 50 GHz to 67 GHz, making external waveguide mixers superfluous. In addition, the continuous frequency range starting at 20 Hz simplifies harmonics measurements, for example, since the test set-up does not have to be reconfigured. Developers and manufacturers of microwave components, oscillators and communications equipment thus profit from high measurement accuracy and excellent RF performance due to clear signal display.

Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG, Munich, Germany +49 1805 12 4242,

Booth 900/918
RS 255

Interconnect System

The new RosenbergerHSD® interconnect system has been developed for HighSpeedData transmission in excellent quality. RosenbergerHSD is a symmetrical, impedance controlled 100 Ω interconnect system for transmitting data streams at high bit rates. The high performance digital system prevents interference through crosstalk and external sources. Performance is achieved by using an optimized shielding concept with complete braid connection to the outer contact of the connector. The interconnect system enables applications up to 1.6 Gbit/sec. – 800 Mbit/sec. on two differential pairs each at 10 m length.

Rosenberger Hochfrequenztechnik
GmbH & Co. KG,
Fridolfing, Germany
+49 08684 18-263,

Booth 832
RS 256

Low Pass Butterworth Filter

The SKY73201-364 is a high performance, programmable, monolithic, clock-referenced low pass filter. It is configured as a sixth-order Butterworth to provide extremely high stopband isolation while maximizing passband flatness and minimizing group delay distortion. The SKY73201-364 is programmable in 1 MHz steps, from 1 to 28 MHz, via the three-wire Serial Port Interface (SPI). Nearly ideal Butterworth performance is maintained over process variations via a proprietary internal calibration circuit, which derives its timing accuracy from a 20 or 40 MHz reference clock. Skyworks offers lead (Pb)-free, RoHS-compliant QFN 32L 5 x 5 mm packaging.

Skyworks Solutions Inc.,
Woburn, MA (781) 376-3000,

Booth 121/321
RS 257

High Frequency EM Simulation Software

The newly released Sonnet® Suites Release 11 offers perfectly calibrated internal ports that can be used for highly accurate attachment points for active or passive components. These Co-calibrated™ Ports enable full co-simulation within the EM analysis environment. Release 11 also includes a totally redesigned Agilent ADS Interface with a new GUI interface and a new 64-bit EM analysis engine.

Sonnet Software,
North Syracuse, NY (315) 453-3096,

Booth 507
RS 258

Push-pull Connectors and Adapters

Spectrum’s current most innovative designs are the push-pull connectors and adapters. They mate with standard female connectors of type N and in the near future push-pulls for TNC and 7/16 will follow. The function of the push-pull is easy: It slides onto the mating standard female and locks automatically (push-on). Releasing is simple as well (just pull off). No special instructions have to be followed and no special handling is needed. The new push-pull series add on perfectly to Spectrum’s push-on family.

Spectrum Elektrotechnik GmbH,
Munich, Germany +49-89-3548-040,

Booth 1014
RS 259

SMP Coaxial Connectors

This line of SMP connectors conform to DSCC 94007, 94008 and MIL-STD-348 specifications. SMP connectors provide microwave performance through 40 GHz and offer 0.170 inch center-to-center spacing for high density, push-on mating to join two RF modules. A typical mating configuration includes two shrouds joined by a bullet adapter. Shrouds with a full detent retain the bullet when modules are separated. The smooth bore (or limited detent) permits the shroud to separate from the bullet for consistent mating alignment.

SV Microwave Inc.,
West Palm Beach, FL (561) 840-1800,

Booth 514
RS 260

Fast Settling Synthesizers

The FSFS series of surface-mount, fast settling synthesizers is designed for frequency hopping and jamming applications. The FSFS315555-500 is the first model released in the series providing under 50 μsec of settling time when commanded for start/stop and stop/start frequency jumps. The synthesizer tunes in 5 MHz steps within the tuning band of 3150 to 5550 MHz, having spurious rejection of 75 dBc typical. The phase noise is –80 dBc/Hz up to 100 kHz and –100 dBc/Hz at 1 MHz offset from the carrier. This synthesizer requires +5 and +15 V DC for operation and is packaged in a small surface-mount RoHS compliant package, measuring 1.25" x 1" x 0.3".

Synergy Microwave Corp.,
Paterson, NJ (973) 881-8800,

Booth 103
RS 261

HV HBT Amplifiers

TriQuint Semiconductor has set a new efficiency standard for base station signal amplification with a family of HV HBT amplifiers. The first product, TGH2932-FL, has a collector efficiency of 34 percent and is designed as a 140 W peak power device optimized for the 2140 MHz WCDMA band. TGH2932-FL delivers 25 W of WCDMA average power with 14.5 dB gain. This is the first of a family that will include devices for all major cellular bands at a variety of power levels.

TriQuint Semiconductor Inc.,
Hillsboro, OR (503) 615-9000,

Booth 400/402
RS 269

Microwave Power Amplifier Research

The TARGET Network of Excellence is active in the fields of microwave power amplifier research. TARGET comprises the best researchers in Europe, coming from 49 academic and industry partners. It offers high level trainings and courses in the fields of RF semiconductor materials and devices, RF device characterization, RF device modeling, MW power amplifier design, linearization techniques and TX modeling. TARGET is also a unique point of contact to all those partners for measurements and characterization services.

Vienna, Austria +43 (0) 1 50528 30-0,

Booth 828
RS 263

Base Materials

A seamless dielectric-to-metal interface ensures superior RF grounding, particularly important beneath the low impedance drain traces needed to match today’s LDMOS transistors for optimum output power. Copper-plate backing offers best thermal dissipation for recessed power-transistors. Taconic has over 12-years manufacturing experience of heavy metal-plate backed PTFE/glass laminates and has become the world’s leader for volume work. Copper, brass and aluminum are available in thicknesses of 0.7 mm and above, and are bonded directly to the dielectric substrate. RoHS-compliant.

Taconic Advanced Dielectric Division,
Mullingar, Co. Westmeath, Ireland
+353 44 93 95600,

Booth 824
RS 262

Gold-based Surface Finish

TECfin Connect is a new range of gold-based finishes designed to provide optimum durability, reliability and/or solderability dependent on the application. The finishes have been exclusively developed by Tecan to change surface properties for specific electronics applications from consumer electronics products to aerospace, medical and military needs. Four corrosion resistant finish options are offered allowing the most appropriate to be selected to ensure the best possible performance characteristics for application-specific needs. These include properties such as conductivity, connection, solderability and contact resistance.

Tecan Ltd.,
Dorset, UK +44 (0) 1305 765432,

Booth 119
RS 264

Ultra-wideband Software

This Ultra-wideband Software (Tektronix UWB) is designed for DPO/DSA70000 oscilloscopes. Tektronix UWB extends the debug and analysis capabilities of the industry’s highest performance real time oscilloscopes that operate up to 20 GHz bandwidth, 200M memory, and 50 GS/s on all four channels, to include real-time analysis of ultra-wideband RF and electrical signals. Tektronix UWB running on these oscilloscopes is the most advanced solution for the test and measurement of digital RF applications such as ultra-wideband communications and ultra-wideband radar and also for high speed serial data.

Tektronix Inc.,
Beaverton, OR (503) 627-6460,

Booth 904
RS 265

Radiating Cable Antennas

This new line of M/A-COM radiating cable antennas is designed to replace conventional antennas in applications that require wide frequency bandwidths (100 to 6000 MHz) and deployment in physical spaces that present extreme challenges to traditional antenna solutions. The M/A-COM radiating cable antenna series is ideal for cellular, Bluetooth and WLAN frequency band installations, as well as airborne, vehicular and ground-based applications.

Tyco Electronics M/A-COM,
Milton Keynes, UK +44 1908 574200,

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Waveform Software Package

RFXpress™ is an advanced new software package that performs RF/IF/IQ waveform creation and editing of digitally modulated signals for AWG5000 and AWG7000 arbitrary waveform generators. RFXpress provides a user interface that makes creation and management of general-purpose digital RF waveforms far more intuitive. It also provides specialized UWB-WiMedia plug-ins and a library of waveforms for thoroughly testing new designs. With RFXpress software, the AWG5000 and AWG7000 are the easiest to use, most powerful and comprehensive IF/RF and I/Q signal generators – transforming the testing of emerging digital RF applications including UWB-WiMedia.

Tektronix Inc.,
Beaverton, OR (800) 833-9200,

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X-band Pulse Transmitter

The model NSX-880 is a pulse transmitter of a modern design and may be used in various types of X-band radars that include: airborne radars, airport surface monitoring radars, battlefield radars and sea surface surveillance radars. The transmitter is provided with BITE and control unit. The NSX-880 transmitter has modular architecture to ensure maximum reliability and to facilitate servicing. Mechanical construction of the unit enables users easy servicing upgrading of the system. The NSX-880 transmitter is equipped with effective forced air-cooling system. High TWT efficiency and high electrical efficiency of the power supply requires minimum cooling and provides high reliability over a wide temperature range.

PIT Telecommunications
Research Institute (PIT),
Warsaw, Poland +48 22 4865 325,

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Electromechanical Relays

Teledyne Relays announced that improvements to its Series GRF300 and GRF303 high repeatability, broadband TO-5 electromechanical relays now deliver 10 Gbps data rates for digital signal integrity applications. The relays are designed to provide a practical surface-mount solution with improved RF signal repeatability over the frequency range. Improved ground connections provide the 10 Gbps data rates. Compared with competitive relays used in test and measurement equipment, the GRF300 and GRF303 deliver better performance at a lower cost.

Teledyne Relays,
Quickborn, Germany +49 (0) 4106 7684-0,

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Lean Manufacturing

This brochure details the company’s road to Lean Manufacturing. Anyone with an interest in Lean Manufacturing principles, and the challenges and rewards in implementing them, will find this informative four-page brochure a handy reference. In it, UltraSource reviews the personal journey towards Lean and outlines some key achievements along the way, including a 475 percent increase in a critical productivity metric. Readers will also learn how documented operational procedures are leveling workloads and visual communication boards and “Kaizen" meetings are revolutionizing the operational culture of the facility. A list of valuable reference books on Lean and TPS (Toyota Production System) is also provided.

UltraSource Inc.,
Hollis, NH (603) 881-7799,

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Components and Subsystems

The European IST project IPHOBAC is developing pre-commercial photonic components and integrated functional subsystems for millimetre-wave applications. Among the different components developed in IPHOBAC are broadband 110 GHz photodiodes (coaxial w1-package), high output power photodiodes (> mW at 100 GHz), 30 to 300 GHz photomixers, 110 GHz EA modulators and tunable millimetre-wave lasers (DFB, DBR). The project recently developed a compact photonic synthesizer allowing tuneable millimetre-wave generation from DC to 110 GHz with output power levels in the mW range.

University of Duisburg-Essen,
Duisburg, Germany
+49 203 379-2825,

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Foundry Services

These dedicated foundry services are advanced 6" HBT and HEMT MMIC technologies that support RF applications from 100 MHz up to 100 GHz. The company’s current customers cover various applications including mobile communications, satellite and auto radar.

WIN Semiconductors Corp.,
Tao Yuan Shien, Taiwan

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Fractional-N Synthesizer

The PSA1450F-LF is a wideband (1050 to 1850 MHz) Fractional-N synthesizer that achieves spurious levels as low as –80 dBc in a small surface-mount package (0.866" x 0.630"). The PSA1450F-LF has a fine resolution of 8 kHz with a PDF of 32 MHz and operates at Vcc 5/15 V, Icc 25/40 mA with an output power of +8 dBm ±2 dB. The PSA1450F-LF also provides excellent phase noise of –100 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset and has a fast switching speed of < 6 μs for a 40 MHz frequency hop.

Z-Communications Inc.,
San Diego, CA (858) 621-2700,

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