Ethertronics, a provider of standard and customized embedded antenna solutions for wideband and multi-band wireless devices, announced that its design center in Taipei, Taiwan, is fully operational. The company's Taiwanese presence will enable mobile device manufacturers to capitalize on Ethertronics' antenna expertise coupled with premier in-country design teams and logistics support.

Ethertronics Taiwan Design Center, located in the Nei-Hu District Industrial Park, is equipped with a 3 Dimensional Active Test Chamber, capable of performing detailed test measurements across all of the cellular radio frequencies (800/900/1700/1800/1900/2100), as well as supporting other applications such as GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi and WiMAX. Ethertronics has standardized on a common active test chamber configuration for all of its locations, which enhances the design collaboration with other design centers as well as key OEM/ODM customers in Taiwan and Korea.

"With the opening of our latest facility in Taiwan, our design teams gain close proximity to our customers, which enables us to better manage the overall project as well as provide Taiwanese design houses and manufacturers with the same high level of service that we are known for on a global level," said Laurent Desclos, chief technology officer and vice president of business operations for Ethertronics. "In addition, the 3D-automated Test Chamber enables us to fully characterize each antenna design iteration, providing better customer support and satisfying a key criteria for many potential customers. Our investment in an active test chamber for Taiwan promotes design consistency, quicker design turns and improved performance optimization, as well as collaboration with our customers and other Ethertronics design centers."

Previously, Ethertronics had been supporting the Taiwanese market and top tier OBM/ODM customers from its San Diego, CA and Seoul, Korea design centers.

"Collaborative design engagements require localized antenna design teams to facilitate the information flow and iterative nature of antenna development," said Jeffrey Crosby, president and CEO of Ethertronics. "Since many handset designs from Taipei are built on the mainland, this new design center enables Ethertronics to create high performance antenna solutions that will also benefit from low cost, high volume production built at our China Manufacturing Center. As Ethertronics continues its rapid sales growth, our ability to improve our in-country presence for key customers is a critical part of sustaining our expansion and promoting the success of our valued customers."

In 2006 alone, Ethertronics garnered more than 75 design wins, and produced more than 50 million embedded antennas, with these antennas being designed and integrated into several global manufacturers' handsets, including Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and Symbol, as well as an innovative GPS watch from Casio and Bluetooth modules for HP notebook computers.