TriQuint Semiconductor announced the release of the first three packaged devices in its multi-function circuit (MFC) family of products for PTP radio and sat-com (VSAT) applications. The new MFC products will debut at the 2007 IEEE MTT-S IMS in Honolulu, HI.

TriQuint’s three new packaged products address OEM needs for frequency upconversion (amplification) in the transmit (Tx) and local oscillator signal chains. As detailed in the block diagram, manufacturers can choose from a highly integrated module or separate components to suit their individual assembly and PCB layout preferences.

The TGC4405-SM provides high integration for designs that specify RF upconversion, a local oscillator (LO) frequency doubler and output RF signal amplification together in a small, single product. Available as a separate packaged component is TriQuint’s new TGC4402-SM that provides upconversion without an integral LO doubler or output amplifier.

The TGC4405-SM and TGC4402-SM both employ single-ended designs; no external baluns are needed. The third new component, TriQuint’s TGC4403-SM, is a millimeter-wave frequency doubler that includes an output buffer amplifier.