Temptronic Corp., a leader in localized temperature control, introduces the MobileTemp™ System, a mobile thermal system for testing standard to high frequency devices, assemblies, modules, PCBs and multiple UUTs from -65° to +200°C in a compact enclosure located at the tester site. MobileTemp provides fast thermal test thoughput and thermal precision with direct device control to ±0.1°C.

The MobileTemp System is comprised of Temptronic’s TP04300A ThermoStream® high capacity airstream temperature source plus a portable ThermoChamber™. The ThermoChamber can be placed six or more feet away from the MobileTemp temperature source and is available in three patent-pending designs (CLAMSHELL, FRONT LOAD and HOOD styles), to fulfill a variety of applications. Temptronic will be providing live demonstrations of the MobileTemp System in Booth 1509 at the 2007 MTT-S Conference, June 3-8, 2007, in Honolulu, HI.

Unique advantages of MobileTemp versus conventional thermal chambers include:

Mobility: No longer does the test subject and test equipment have to be broken down and moved to the test chamber. The ThermoChamber can be moved to the test site. The ThermoStream can easily be rolled across the production floor or between labs, and the ThermoChamber, connected via Temptronic’s proprietary Flexible Extender Hose, can be placed directly at the benchtop or test station.

Temperature at the Test Site: With conventional stationary chambers, long cables may be required to connect the tester to the UUT (Unit under Test). This can cause signal integrity problems and physical access issues. MobileTemp has a better approach. With mobility of the system, the ThermoChamber can easily be placed at or on the test bench. The resulting shorter test cables can be fed directly into the ThermoChamber through cable-feed through ports thus ensuring signal integrity and maximizing test rates.

Speed and Precision: MobileTemp delivers fast temperature transition times, powered by the high capacity ThermoStream temperature source. In addition, temperature can be measured and controlled directly at the device case with feedback to the ThermoStream. This level of localized thermal precision is not available with a large conventional chamber.

Flexibility: Different styles of ThermoChambers can be easily interchanged on the ThermoStream temperature source for various applications. With ThermoChamber’s three styles (Hood, Clamshell and Front Loader) and range of sizes, MobileTemp adapts easily to meet a wide variety of test requirements with over 35 available configurations.