Ever since its foundation in 1983, the Orient Microwave Corp. has strived hard to improve its offering, develop its skills and contribute to society through the many products it has developed for microwave use. These products now include various coaxial connectors, adaptors, cable assemblies, terminators, couplers, power dividers, attenuators, waveguide to coaxial adaptors, filters, antennas, switches, phase shifters, limiters, amplifiers, oscillators, circulators/isolators, etc. They are all made to suit specific customers’ needs, and are used extensively in modern, state-of-the-art electronic devices in the fields of space, aeronautics, radar, wireless communications, mobile communications and measuring systems, to mention but a few. They also range from small orders through to mass-produced devices and from standard through to customized items.

However, our market has been mainly focused on the Japanese domestic market, but that is something we have decided to change by participating at the MTT-S for the first time. We recognise that the event is the largest and most important for engineers involved in microwave technology and offers us the best opportunity to meet old friends and customers and to make new ones.

We therefore see MTT-S 2007 as an unexpected chance and important stepping stone for the Orient Microwave Corp. to expand more outside Japan and the first stage of our global mission. Because the event’s location in Hawaii is half way across the Pacific Ocean from the United States it beckoned as the ideal platform for Orient Microwave Corp. to stamp its mark on the worldwide microwave market. But that just might be our oriental way of thinking?

In recent years, electronics technology has developed at an amazing pace, as typified by rapid advances in the speed of digital technology, mainly in computers and communications, and our microwave technology supports this analogue technology. These days, as the industry evolves towards higher frequencies, our microwave technology is gaining greater attention.

Against this background, we shall continue to devote ourselves entirely to the research and development of microwave products that involve millimetre-wave frequencies and composite devices and units, which even includes digital circuits. The aim being to provide reliable and effective products to exhibit on main land US at MTT-S 2008. However, we are getting ahead of ourselves, so let’s focus on this year’s MTT-S. As we have such a large product portfolio we will showcase our coaxial connectors, adaptors, cable assemblies and circulators/isolators. Our intention is to initially show our fundamental RF technologies to the audience in Booth 1702. We believe that the exhibition will be a memorable first step in our worldwide mission.

I hope you will well enjoy Hawaii’s beaches and sunshine and that we can enjoy your warm support in our future business endeavours together.