An impressive series of events appears to have moved RFID Ltd. from startup to possible major player in a short time.

The company attracted major media and industry attention when it announced its two new niche market RFID tags: the BagChip for lost airline luggage, and the SurvivalTag to monitor fireman at the scene.

An LOI with RFID Leasing that offered to establish a $75 M credit facility was reported on March 19, 2007. The company then stated on March 27 that it had teamed up with 3M to pursue medical, legal and government offices.

“We are rapidly moving ahead and expect to be a mainstream RFID player shortly. A number of new and unique approaches to other niche markets are in our pipeline and should be announced soon.

For a startup like us to corner these niche markets and be working so closely, so quickly, with leaders like 3M and RFID Leasing is quite impressive by any standard,” said Nicholas Chavez, president of RFID Ltd.