Israeli contractor Elisra Electronic Systems has launched a new electronic countermeasures suite that it claims is suitable for installation aboard any type of naval vessel. Designated as the NS-9003A-V2/ 9005A-V2 system, the new suite functions by detecting and identifying (with a 100 percent probability of intercept) over-the-horizon radar signals, generating audio and visual threat alarms and providing an automatic, active countermeasures response. The equipment's electronic support (ES) subsystem typically comprises an array of direction-finding (DF) and omni antennas, a DF receiver unit and an inboard ES rack that houses an operator station (with colour display), an ES computer, a main processor unit and a power distribution unit. Frequency and signal bearing are measured on a pulse-by-pulse basis across the 1 to 18 GHz frequency band (extendable to 0.5 to 40 GHz if required) and the architecture is configured to intercept and analyse exotic signal types including chirp, frequency hopping and staggered pulse repetition frequency (PRF) configurations.

For its part, a typical configuration for the suite's 8 to 20 GHz band active countermeasure subsystem comprises port and starboard transmission arrays, a multibeam array transmitter, a high voltage power supply, a cooling unit and an inboard electronics rack. Alongside its primary platform defence role, the NS-9003A-V2/9005A-V2 suite is also reported as being able to provide an electronic intelligence capability that includes PRF and scan pattern analysis together with emitter video display and data recording facilities.

Functionally, the NS-9003A-V2/9005A-V2 system is billed as being fully interoperable with other onboard systems such as decoy launchers, hard-kill weapons, fire-control systems and radars. Suite control is by means of the ES subsystem's operator station or via the host vessel's command system, with the suite-vessel communications medium being a local area network. Aside from the cited frequency band coverages, system specifications include a frequency resolution of 2 MHz, a DF accuracy of 2° RMS, a sensitivity of -65 dBm to -75 dBm, and dynamic and pulsewidth ranges of > 60 dB and 0.05 µs to continuous wave, respectively.