Rockwell Collins is the first to receive Federal Aviation Administration Technical Standard Order approval for a Multi-mode Receiver (MMR) equipped with Microwave Landing System (MLS) functionality that can be implemented in both commercial and military aircraft.

Collins MMR is an integrated unit providing VHF Omni-directional Range (VOR), Instrument Landing System (ILS), Marker Beacon, Global Positioning System (GPS) and MLS functions. The addition of MLS technology provides flight crews with an alternative to existing ILS capability. MLS technology improves margin of safety around airports in highly developed areas and as weather conditions degrade, and Category III capability is required to maintain airport capacity. Additionally, MLS is used by the military to provide portable precision approach capability.

In November 2001, Rockwell Collins successfully completed flight tests of the industry first MLS receiver fully integrated as an MMR. The flight tests included more than 100 MLS approaches at 12 airports in the US and Europe equipped with military and commercial ground stations from four providers. The results demonstrated the Category IIIb capabilities of the MMR's integrated MLS module. The flights were conducted with the US Federal Aviation Authority and European Civil Aviation Authority oversight, and with cooperation from the National Aerospace Laboratory of the Netherlands.